Thursday, 28 April 2011

A Taste of London - Milk Chocolate 40%

With the Royal Wedding just one sleep away I thought I'd nip into Hotel Chocolat to see what Royal delights they might have for sale. You know something to nibble on while all the pomp and ceremony takes place. Well you can imagine my surprise when I discovered to my horror that the place was devoid of any Royal Wedding tat paraphernalia. Would you believe it the shelves were empty apart from Easter Eggs on special offer! There was absolutely nuffink! As they might say in East London. What a disappointment. Off with their heads! I searched high and low and eventually found something British that could be loosely connected to the Royal Wedding. I checked a few of their main competitors and the story seemed to be the same. Very lack lustre but it is probably all down to customer demand and I'm sure there is a good business case for not doing it. Marc Demarquette seemed to be the only one who had done something specifically for the wedding. Marc has created a luxury chocolate gift box on sale at £25.00 available from Fortnum and Mason

However, many Chocolatiers are taking the opportunity to celebrate British success such as Montezuma who have their 'Great British Pudding' range which looks interesting. Thorntons are also doing a similar promotion with their Best of British Hamper available from their website at £17.50.

The Packaging: The packaging is simple, understated and stylish. The blurb on the back try's to conjure up the mood of the sixties and how London captured the imagination of the world producing some wonderful icons such as the Mini, Carnaby Street, Mary Quant, Twiggy and the King's Road. Apparently our capital is one again the centre of attention in terms of style and food.

The Chocolate: This is a 40% milk chocolate so we're expecting it to be strong and robust. Unfortunately, my bars didn't travel too well and they are broken! But not to worry they are going to be broken where they're going.

Naked and Broken
The aroma from the cocoa is so delicious you can almost breath in the chocolate. It is well tempered and melts quickly producing a smooth and velvety mouth feel. What I'm really pleased about is that it is not too sweet. A rich cocoa flavour with caramel and a slight hint of wood in the background. I'm really enjoying this bar of chocolate and if I'm not careful there will be nothing for tomorrow! These iconic mini slabs weigh in a 100g (for 2) at a cost of £4.00. As far as I can see these are only available in store. Well worth it and receives a score of 7/10. Looking forward to polishing the lot off tomorrow while London grabs the worlds attention for a few hours.

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