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Hi, I'm Christine and have been dabbling in chocolate for a number of years making both truffles and bars. I live in Chelmsford, Essex and used to operate a chocolate company, trading under the name of, The Chocolate Company. Several of my products received reviews and featured on websites so, I'm no stranger to constructive criticism! 

I used to make my own range of chocolate bars and champagne truffles to sell at local farmers markets such as Great Garnetts or at food fairs such as Cressing Temple.  

I plan to develop this blog by reviewing chocolate bars and truffles that I find in high street stores or on the internet. Alternatively, please let me know if you've found something you think would be of interest. I purchase all my products with my own money and will state clearly on any blog posts if products have been provided 'free of charge'. I do try and recoup some of the expense through advertising and do earn some money from the blog. But, unfortunately like most bloggers not enough to retire on!

I aim to feature as many chocolate bars as is humanly possible for one person to taste and photograph over the coming months. It might not be pretty all the time but I hope it's informative.

I'm also a great fan of anything fair-trade or certified by the Rainforest Alliance. A few years ago I introduced the first Rainforest Alliance certified chocolate bars using chocolate sourced from Costa Rica.

If you would like your chocolate bar or truffles reviewed please contact me via email. chocchick8@gmail.com

Don't forget if your product receives a poor review you always have the chance to provide feedback within the comment section.

Co-Writer - Richard writes the majority of blog posts with my input when I'm not making my own chocolate. Richard has worked in the catering industry for a number of years and chocolate is his hidden vice. 

My blog will also include restaurant reviews and will from time to time provide recipes that I've used.

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  1. well, any excuse to sample chocolate of course. There is a wonderful brand I've come across in healthfood shops, but can't for the life of me remember the name!