Saturday, 1 January 2011

GO*DO Organic White Chocolate Vanilla

Just admitted that I was not looking forward to eating anymore chocolate after the excesses of Christmas and New Year. Well some thirty minutes later here I am talking about organic white chocolate produced by those lovely people at GO*DO at their factory in Italy. As you can imagine I have absolutely no will power, a complete push over, the slightest mention of not eating chocolate has pushed the switch inside my head that say's, 'Eat chocolate Now! Ok, well if I'm being pedantic white chocolate isn't really chocolate because it contains no cocoa solids, so I'm covered? 

As a rule of thumb the more cocoa butter there is in the bar the better the chocolate will taste. If you see vegetable fat on the list of ingredients put the item back quickly.

The Packaging: As many of you will know by now but for those who don't GO*DO in Italian, means a moment of pure pleasure, just for you. I'm a fan of their packaging and branding as it is simple with no fuss.

The Chocolate: GO*DO are not exactly specific about where their white chocolate comes from. But what I do know is that they have cocoa farms located in Ecuador, the Dominican Republic and Peru. So, all high quality then. The presentation of this bar is good especially with the little dark flecks of vanilla dotted about. On smelling the chocolate the aroma of vanilla is intense, almost heady and reminiscent of a Milky Bar. White chocolate doesn't snap like milk or dark chocolate probably because it is much softer. More a dull thud. First chunk on the tongue producers a roughness and slightly grainy texture. Being white chocolate it quickly melts with a strong sweet taste finishing off with a final vanilla flourish. There is a very slight aftertaste and I'm guessing this is the milk solids coming through.

Vanilla - GO*DO
The ingredients state that it contains white chocolate (min. cocoa solids 30%, min. milk solids 28%). Organic can sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic milk powder, soya lecithin and organic vanilla extract from Madagascar.

Overall I give this bar a score of 6/10 for it's organic credentials. For me the cocoa butter content needed to be higher to out weigh the sugar. This bar is available from Planet Organic priced at £1.09 (3 for 2) plus postage and packing.

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  1. I'm always so skeptical about white chocolate but so much quality, non-deodorised white chocolate is coming out it is hard to stick to my rule!

    Jasmine tea seems to work wonderfully well with it!

  2. Jasmine tea sounds interesting! Do you know anybody in the UK who provides this?