Saturday, 28 May 2011

Tesco Finest - Organic Ecuadorian Milk 39%

Good news! Blackbirds have flown the nest so 4am dawn chorus has subsided to normal levels. However, I'm not out of danger yet as I've read that Blackbirds like to use their nests for a minimum of three broods. Randy little devils! Unfortunately, Blue Tits have not faired so well and have decided to leave the nest too early. We now have a baby bouncing around the garden that may not last the night. Ideal cat food me thinks. I would like to intervene but I think its best to let nature take its course. Sniff, sniff.

Having flown down the A12 in order to get home in time for the big match. Manchester UTD v Barcelona if you are in any doubt. I dived into Tesco's this evening to pick up some chocolate as supplies at home are dwindling. Hint, hint! Not a great range of chocolate to choose from but have picked out some suitable offerings.

The packaging is the first thing that caught my eye and I think the black and white format certainly works well. Secondly, I thought that it would be good to try an Organic, Fairtrade chocolate from Ecuador having tried some produced by  Amelia Rose. Tesco provide all the necessary information and I like this touch of detail that is sadly missing from some bars. To quote, "Cocoa is one of Ecuador's main exports and the remoteness of farmers leaves them vulnerable to exploitation by traders. As members of a Fairtrade Co-Operative, farmers receive a fair price for their crop and an additional premium to invest in training, technical assistance and social projects that make a real difference to their lives". Fine words indeed. 

The Chocolate: Ok, I dropped it...sorry! I only had to take it from the shelf and 100 yards to the car. This is a milk chocolate with a 39% cocoa content so it should have plenty of flavour and the aroma is certainly good. A mild cocoa and fruity, sweet aroma. The chocolate has been created using single origin Ecuadorian Arriba beans. If you've not heard of the term, 'Arriba', then follow this link to Destination Ecuador which provides more detail. This chocolate is rich and smooth and has a good cocoa flavour with just the right amount of sweetness. 

This is a reasonable bar of chocolate and everybody that has had a piece has agreed with me which makes a change! This is a well balanced bar and I'm happy to score this a high 7/10. Plus, priced at £2.00 (100g) it's good value for money.

My prediction 2:1 to Manchester United.....oops got that wrong!

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  1. What a shame they didn't continue it. The Dominican Republic was amazing. Both Sainsbury's and Tesco had these amazing single origin chocolate and then dropped them. I was so hopeful then so disappointed :-(