Monday, 20 September 2010

Vietnamese Milk Chocolate from the Ben Tre Estate

As with the dark chocolate previously reviewed on this blog the milk chocolate has also been extremely well received and won a three-star gold medal at the 2010 Great Taste Awards.

There has been considerable work conducted in Vietnam over the past few decades to help get cocoa production off the ground and it seems to have paid dividends especially in terms of quality. Several companies including Cargill have helped with the expansion of the fledgling cocoa industry in this country. 

The Packaging: The milk chocolate bar has been packaged in exactly the same way as the dark but with a slightly different color. The packaging is minimal and the eye is drawn to the important information written on the paper wrapper. When you purchase this bar you are donating £1 to Action Against Hunger

According to the Action Against Hunger website there are 6,000 aid workers in 60 countries around the world providing food, security and sanitation to 4 million people. 

This is a great idea and it will be interesting to find out how much money is raised from the sale of these bars.

The Chocolate: The presentation of the bar is simple but effective. The chocolate melts quickly and has a smooth texture from the cocoa but it's not too strong and its not too sweet which is good. Overall a very well balanced milk chocolate.

Ben Tre Milk Chocolate 40%
Ingredients: Vietnamese cocoa solids, cocoa butter, dehydrated milk, sugar, natural vanilla, soya lecithin.

Overall a good bar of chocolate and I give it 8/10 mainly because the dark chocolate from my perspective was the better of the two. 

The bar can be purchased on line from at £3.40 + VAT + postage and packing. Stock up and buy several bars!