Sunday, 5 June 2011

Maya Gold

Cadbury's the mother ship of Green and Black's has received a lot of flack recently from the English press. Cadbury's is no longer British owned and was in fact taken over by the American giant Kraft in February 2010, a deal worth $19 Billion. Irene Rosenfeld, Executive Chairman of Kraft, recently refused to attend a Commons Business Select Committee meeting with MPs. Cadbury's did break their promise when they closed the Somerset plant so you think the least Ms Rosenfeld could do was turn up to face a few angry MPs. As Ms Rosenfeld is rated as being the second most powerful of the top ten business woman by ForbesI'm sure she would have parried and deflected their questions easily. A missed opportunity perhaps.

On 3 June Cadbury's had to apologise for any offence they may have caused to supermodel, Naomi Campbell and her family for their apparent racist advert. I didn't see the advert in question but it allegedly compared Naomi to a Cadbury Dairy Milk Bliss chocolate bar. Cadbury's has apologised and has withdrawn the adverts pledging not to use them again. 

According to the tabloids sales of Cadbury products have begun to slide in all regions. Some people have even talked of boycotting their products, which in my opinion is madness. Our businesses are having a hard enough time as it is without knee jerk reactions such as this. Many of the top executives have left, up to two thirds of the original Cadbury executive have gone. A new broom sweeps clean! I'm sure this is the norm in terms of takeovers but I think PR and confidence building ought to be top of the agenda at Cadbury's monthly Executive meetings. How long before Cadbury's = Hershey?

Ok, let us hope that they can turn things around. In the meantime lets taste some chocolate from Green and Black's. 

The Chocolate: This particular bar of chocolate has been infused with a twist of orange and delicate spice. As the blurb on the back of the bar states, 'Traditionally, the Maya people in southern Belize flavoured their cocoa with spices'. The spices used in this bar included cinnamon, nutmeg and a hint of vanilla. This chocolate is both organic and Fairtrade. 

This particular chocolate has a cocoa content of 55% which is low but maybe this is the norm when it comes to mixing spices with chocolate? Orange is the overriding flavour coming from this bar. The bitterness from the very citrus orange works really well with the slightly sweet dark chocolate. I can't pinpoint the nutmeg or cinnamon but there is a hint of spice. The orange flavour does hang around for a long time. I'm not usually a fan of orange and chocolate but I enjoyed this bar.

Overall 6/10 for a good blend of flavours and priced at £1.82 for a 100g it has to be good value. Tesco currently have this bar on offer, 2 for £3.00, click here.

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