Tuesday, 30 August 2011

36% Peruvian Milk Chocolate

A bank holiday weekend of flash floods, lightning, dramatic seas, bright sunshine and huge billowing cloudscapes. Southwold looking at its best and most dramatic. Not the type of weather for fishing but these guys don't seem to care, like water off a ducks back, they slip out from the safety of the harbour into the rolling and bubbling sea bringing home flashing Sea Bass, slippery brown Dover Soles, and long sword like Mackerel. A trip to Samantha's, one of the few fishmonger's left in Southwold, is a great place, excuse the pun, to realise that cod and haddock are not the only fish in the sea worth eating! 

Hissing Sid's Sssssister
Fish were not the only thing on the menu this weekend. Snakes, well a Grass Snake to be exact was momentarily stunned as we explored the reed beds just outside Wangford. Good picture of my shadow don't you think! I've been searching for Grass Snakes for years and in one weekend I've seen three!  Interesting to read in the Times that the average price of a house in Southwold is now £366k. So pleased I picked up two for the price of one in the 80's. Had I had the foresight then perhaps that last statement might be reasonably accurate. I can remember when 'Gingers' house, located on South Green, came on the market, if only I'd had a few extra quid in the bank! Oh,well no point crying over spilt milk and talking of milk that leads smoothly into my next review.

The Chocolate: As with my previous review of their Peruvian dark chocolate this is another Fairtrade and Carbon Neutral product care of Marks and Spencer. The full story can be found here. The packaging is attractive and as you would expect can be easily recycled. 

The chocolate itself has a 36% cocoa content which producers a delicious cocoa aroma without the background sweetness I've come to expect with some bars. This particular bar is described as being full bodied with rich caramel nutty notes. Well it does exactly what it says on the tin. The chocolate melts slowly and has a delicious velvety mouth feel with little sweetness in the background. Caramel is the main flavour that comes through as you move the chocolate around with your tongue.

For me this is a good bar of chocolate and at £1.99 for 100g it is excellent value. Its not outstanding but it is different to some offerings I've tasted recently. If you want to explore chocolate this is a good place to start especially with English tastes preferring such sweet, rough textured chocolate. I would like to see Marks and Spencer expand their range and experiment with some different chocolates. Fingers crossed!

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  1. I like the way M&S are taking Artisan du Chocolat and love that they have the sea salt caramel balls - taking better quality chocolate to the masses!!