Saturday, 7 July 2012

Olympic Torch Arrives in Chelmsford

Moulsham Street 7am!
The Olympic torch was paraded proudly and sedately at times through the streets of Chelmsford, Essex today. 

It seems every torch bearer has their own way of enjoying the moment. 

Some choose to jog while others just amble along, with a big Cheshire Cat grin, holding onto the torch for as long as possible, which is probably what I'd do. Enjoy the moment!  
No 6 is all smiles

The procession drew big crowds to Moulsham Street, who even at this ungodly hour chatted animatedly to each other, drank cups of coffee, ate bacon butties whilst spontaneously waving Union Jacks, cheering, clapping and generally politely whooping with joy, if that's possible. 

Give me five or you're nicked kid!

Even the local crows were shocked, indignant at being woken from their slumbers, as Police outriders flashed their neon blues and fired up their whaling sirens in an effort to get the crowd going. Slapping the flesh with youngsters as they zoomed past...

Flames Kiss - Paul takes up the flame from No 6.
For a few brief minutes nervous and excited torch bearers took their place in history, be it only for 300 yards, proudly holding the Olympic torch

In a moment, they've passed you by and its time to go back to bed to dream of Murray possibly winning the final on Sunday...what a way to start the weekend!

Fellow T3 Drivers - Is this allowed?


  1. I am amazed at how many places the olympic torch has gone through! Not been to Chelmsford in years. Family used to live there ages ago.

    1. I wasn't sure what to expect but it was a great start to the games seeing so many people out and about especially at that time of the morning! Taking the torch around the country has allowed so many people to get has been amazing! Thank you for visiting my blog.