Saturday, 20 October 2012

House Dark 65 - William Curley

Autumn, a lovely time of year when the foliage is looking at its most beautiful.  Almost two years ago I reviewed a bar of milk chocolate by William Curley. I remember then commenting on the packaging which,  I felt, was very unassuming. Well, since then things have certainly moved on in the packaging department.  

The bar is now elegantly presented in a black box decorated with gold filigree and  wrapped in thick gold foil. Very sumptuous indeed and it will make a perfect gift for somebody. 

I might be wrong but I believe William Curley is the first person to introduce a House Chocolate and what a great idea. I can't understand why it took so long when you consider restaurants have been doing it with wine for years. 

A 65% cocoa content. A intoxicating, deep, rich, 'forest floor mixed with wild berries' aroma wafts up from this little bar of dark chocolate.  

Handmade, a shiny ebony finish with a simple design. This bar has a great snap! Liquid dark chocolate melts sublimely on the tongue with fruity acidity leaking out unexpectedly, adding that extra level of flavour.  

In comparison to a Peruvian 64 that I've just tasted, it is silky smooth and full of subtle flavours, that make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up on end!  I don't get that response with all chocolate. 

William Curley has been awarded The Academy of Chocolate's Best British Chocolatier accolade three years in a row. 

House Dark 65

I purchased this bar from Whole Foods for the princely sum of £4.69/50g or £9.38/100g which sounds incredible.  If you want you can buy online at £4.50 plus shipping. I say, "ignore the price and treat yourself!"  It's not a Mars bar, OK!  In terms of scores, 9/10.  The price is top end but, you are experiencing some of the best and sophisticated chocolate available today. To buy online click here.

William and Suzue Curley, have three boutiques in London including, Richmond-upon-Thames opened in 2004, which was their first, Belgravia a much larger shop opened in 2009 and finally a concession in Harrods. Interestingly, there is a dessert bar at their Belgravia boutique.  I wonder how it compares to Jason Atherton's, Pollen Street Social?

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