Friday, 2 November 2012

House Milk - William Curley

Today, I'm starting off on a bit of a downer. I'm not impressed. Nothing to do with William Curley's chocolate as not a chunk has passed my lips. It is my awful lack of planning that I have real concerns with. Not only did I manage to miss 'Chocolate Unwrapped' in London this year but, somehow Salon du Chocolat also managed to escape my chocolate radar. Perhaps, the old grey cells are not firing on all cylinders. More planning is required next year to ensure I make one or both events. If you're free for the next couple of days you still have time to take a trip across the channel. The Salon du Chocolat ends on 4th November so, you still have time. But, if you like me and can't get your house in order then read all about it on this great blog, Paris Breakfasts.

Maybe some House Milk will cheer me up?  I was rather taken by the House Dark a few days ago and having just eaten the last few morsels I'm now getting 'liquorice' that wasn't there a few days ago....delicious.

House Milk 32%
As with the House Dark the packaging remains similar with just a change of colour. All very elegant and the thick gold paper adds a touch of opulence.  There is no indication as to where their chocolate originates and I do find this a little frustrating.  I did follow this up with William Curley's office. However, I received a slightly evasive answer to this question and I quote, "The House Bars (as with some restaurants who have house whites and reds) are there to compliment a variety and range of other products we create. If a customer simply cannot choose or wishes to take something that best represents us, then the House Bars best represent this". It wasn't quite what I was hoping for but I do agree with their reasoning. 

House Milk - 50g
This is a milk chocolate with a 32% cocoa content including cane sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla and whole milk powder. As you would expect this is a well made bar of chocolate which has a good snap. In terms of flavour it is light with a very slight aftertaste in the background.  There is just enough cocoa to give it some depth but, I believe it lacks real charisma and oomph! Mouth feel is smooth and the chocolate melts easily on the tongue.  Personally, I think a higher cocoa content should have been used to represent a House Bar, but maybe that's just me. Sweetness levels are just about right.

Overall the improvements made in packaging are there for everybody to see and it will make a lovely gift. However, flavour is generally lacking and more work is required to improve this especially as it is a House Bar. Hence, why my score is on the low side, 5/10. A 50g bar will cost you £4.50 when you buy on line. Buy now!

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