Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Assam Tea Caramel Mou

Essex Festive Lights!
The glitz, the glamour, the Christmas lights of New York, Paris and Chelmsford....okay maybe we need a reality check here. Chelmsford is probably not on the same page as these other cities but we do have some very festive house lights appearing.  As the first snow appears so 'Essex Man', who has been dormant for most of the year, suddenly springs to life, climbing all over the outside of his house decorating furiously.  This year I think they're a little understated which is a bit disappointing. In previous years the next door neighbour has tried to out shine them but I think they've moved on to Carnaby Street.  I will keep my eye out for more festive 'Essex Style' decorations.

Chocolate production has gone crazy over the past few weeks hence why posts have been few and far between. So, before the onset of a champagne truffle storm I will take this opportunity to review an interesting morsel from William Curley

Ok, Mou is French for 'soft'. They say you learn something new everyday and they're right. The presentation is similar to that of the House Bars and each piece of soft caramel is wrapped in gold paper. Very sumptuous indeed!

2 blocks are better than 1.

Each piece of caramel has been dipped in 70% dark chocolate. May I suggest that you cut each bar into thin slivers, as trying to eat big chunks just means your teeth become glued together and your fillings will need replacing by morning. This is no reflection on the caramel which is delicious. Take a piece and just gently suck and squeeze it between the roof of your mouth and your tongue and you'll be in confectionery heaven within seconds! The trick is not to bite....

Assam Tea Caramel Mou 65g £4.60

The caramel is beautifully made with just a hint of malt and toffee apple scrumptiousness. The dark chocolate is also wonderful but in short supply an extra covering would have been nice. The Assam tea provides the malty flavour which just adds to the whole experience. Certainly one for the Christmas list.

Absolutely delicious and scores 9/10! To buy on line click here!

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