Monday, 18 March 2013

Hackney Bureau

Had it not been for Sarah of Food for Think, who writes on numerous subjects including food and travel, the Hackney Bureau, would never have come up on my radar. Blogging certainly opens your eyes and leads you to hidden gems. Especially, if you're prepared to follow in their footsteps.

The Hackney Bureau is a short walk from Bethnal Green tube station, along Cambridge Heath road, located close to the Regent's Canal. 

From the outside you wouldn't even know that there was a restaurant, apart from a few tables and chairs outside. I can't even remember seeing a sign advertising the restaurant. I have to say this is the first time I've actually put my trust in another blogger and stuck with the script, so to speak. 

The run down, 'shabby - shabby' appearance does nothing to entice people into the place but, then they do say don't judge a book by its cover. Appearances can be deceiving and it is safe to say, Alex Polizzi would have a seizure!

Cafe Nero, it is not! The inside decor replicates the outside.  Frankly, it is harsh, with white washed walls and chipboard acceccories which really conflict with my impressions of how a restaurant should look. But, then I'm a probably the oldest person in the place by several decades! Young things are typing away, seriously focused on their laptops, flipping through pages faster than I can flip an omelette and chatting about the next website or house build they're planning.  So, plenty of people doing business but, you wont see any pinstripes in this part of town. 

I borrowed this as my pic was rubbish!
I once met Gwilym Davies in a Shoreditch shoe shop many years ago and he made a brilliant cup of coffee. I think that may have been the first pop up coffee shop? Anyway, I'm rabbiting on! 

Well, our resplendent, mustachioed, antipodean owner of the Hackney Bureau makes a truly delicious Flat White that is on a par with Gwilym. 

We arrived in time for brunch and quickly selected a Big Breakfast, Salmon and Spinach Omelette, cappuccino and flat white for just under £20. Eggs were offered fried or poached and everything was cooked to order. Streaky bacon was crisp, poached eggs were soft and runny, just how I like'em, the mix of carrot, tomato and onion was just delicious. The Salmon and Spinach omelette was also excellent. We were set up for the remainder of the day.

Service was speedy and efficient and if you can get over the standard of the decor you're in for a real treat. A BIG thank you to Sarah at Food for Think. We'll be back for dinner soon!

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