Saturday, 13 April 2013

Truly Irresistible - Ghanaian Dark

Today, there are just two things that concern me. No, it is not that a two year old from North Korea is about to start a global thermonuclear war. This is but a mere trifle when compared to the spectacular cost of Margaret Thatchers funeral and Hazel Irvine's hairstyle which appeared on TV a few hours ago. I have a feeling Hazel has taken Margaret's Spitting Image wig for keeps. If you don't believe me tune into The Masters tonight.  

Every country in the Euro is facing economic ruin and we're spending £8 million and possibly more on the Iron Lady's funeral. Nobody in government has an idea of how much it is costing but that comes as no surprise. Somebody must have been tasked with obtaining quotes?! 

Don't get me wrong she deserves some pomp and ceremony and in the eyes of the world, a ceremonial state funeral, is a must.  But surely, there are better ways to remember her. I can think of many good causes that would benefit from a few extra quid and I'm sure you can. Oh, Hazel, avoid the Poodle Parlours in future.

Ok, lets talk about chocolate. The co-operative Fairtrade Ghanaian dark chocolate with spices and orange oil contains 93% Fairtrade ingredients and is suitable for vegetarians. As the years go by there is more and more information being squeezed onto our labels. It seems we can't cope without this information. Take this label for instance: Advice to Parents - Frequent eating of sweets and sugary snacks may lead to tooth decay and poor nutrition. Remember it is important to brush teeth regularly. Yikes, I must remember to clean my teeth tonight and not feed the kids chocolate on toast....thank god I read this label! Utter tosh!

40g Fairtrade Ghanaian Dark Chocolate Orange
Ok, a nicely presented bar of chocolate with a strong orange aroma. The cocoa content is not particularly strong, 51% cocoa, but then it doesn't want to be too strong as it is fighting a losing battle with the orange and spices which include Cardamom, Ginger and Cinnamon. Like a Master Chef contestant I'm having trouble picking out the individual spices even though I know they're in there somewhere.

Overall a very tasty bar of dark chocolate and orange loveliness with spicy undertones, 6/10. Well done to the CO-OP and read about their ethics here. Oh, I must remember to clean my teeth!

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  1. Oh, this one sounds lovely! Have you tried the one with dried cranberries in? I had that recently and it's pretty tasty too.

    1. It really was very tangy and tasty! I've not tried the dried cranberries but will have to give it a go. Thank you for your comments...