Saturday, 26 October 2013

Pump Street Bakery - Madagascar 72%

Pump Street Bakery
A damp Cedric the Citroen outside Adnams
On a rainy Saturday in Southwold a little brightness was provided by Cedric the Citroen, a restored 1981 HY Citroen (currently unwell according to twitter and replaced with a transit) which seems to be 'de rigueur' for all cool street food vendors these days. If you head to Kings Cross you will see what I mean. 

If handmade soughdough breads, buttery and deliciously rich pastries and fine 'bean to bar' chocolate form an integral part of your 5 a day then Pump Street Bakery must be on your list of cool foodie shop bucket list. Mobile in this case. Traveling from their family run bakery in Orford, on Suffolk's heritage coast to Saxmundham, Ipswich and Southwold. See website for route and further details. 

Having quickly mastered the art of producing the most amazing breads and pastries, they've turned their attention to chocolate joining a handful of 'bean to bar' specialists in the UK, which is great to see. Oh, how I hate talented and gifted people.....I don't really. I'm just seriously jealous. 

You instinctively know when you are about to taste a good bar of chocolate. Just opening the packet gets chocolate sensors working overtime and goose bumps start popping as the senses kick into action. The Jiffy style packaging is probably unique and obviously cool. I like the fact that I can re-seal the package preserving all those fantastic flavours and characteristics of this wonderful chocolate.

Madagascar 72%
Madagascar 72% by Pump Street Bakery
Their cocoa beans are sourced from Ambanja a region Northern Madagascar. After careful roasting, winnowing, grinding and even conching for many hours the final result is an amazing shinny mahogany coloured block of chocolate. 

Chocolate from Madagascar usually has citrus and fruity notes and this does not disappoint. In the mouth the chocolate melts quickly producing a rich fluidity that just smoothly wraps around your tongue as flavours are slowly released. Scrummy!

At £5.80 for a 75g bar it is pricey but close your eyes and pop it in your shopping bag. Well done guys a stunning bar of chocolate. 10/10.

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