Friday, 20 December 2013

Divine - Chilli and Orange

Champagne Truffles
The final truffle rolls off the line for 2013!
The final chocolate truffle is about to roll off the production line and for me Christmas can officially start! Blogging has not featured for several weeks as all things chocolate have officially taken over my world. The Christmas decorations and tree are all still in the box, well said tree is still in the garden and has probably taken root.

A few months ago we visited the famous Abergavenny Food Festival where we met the lovely girls from Divine who were dishing out tons of free Divine chocolate samples. The girls were brilliant and were enjoying themselves immensely. The bar has remained in my chocolate sample draw until today.

Divine Chocolate is made with the finest quality Fairtrade cocoa beans cultivated by the farmers of Kuapa KoKoo in Ghana, who are actually co-own Divine. Their cocoa is grown in the shade of the tropical rainforest, it always amazes me how many people do not realise where their chocolate is coming from, and slowly fermented and dried in the sun to bring out the full flavour.

Divine Chocolate bar

A beautifully decorated bar of chocolate weighing in at 100g. Break off a chunk and pop it in your mouth and let it remain there for a few minutes. Don't chomp on it, just let the flavour flood out.

70% Divine Chilli and Orange Dark Chocolate
The guys and girls at Divine have done a great job with this one. The dark chocolate (70% cocoa) melts quickly and delivers a smooth rich flavoured chocolate with a hint of orange and heat that gently tingles your tongue, not unlike that numbing feeling you get when the dentist has just jabbed you with his needle! The balance of orange and chilli is just right and both couple together to form a perfect union with the dark chocolate. 8/10!

At £2.00 this bar of Fairtrade chocolate is great value, just follow the link.

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