Saturday, 19 July 2014

Original Fat Witch Brownie Mix
When I could be sipping on an ice cold Pimms or similar means of intoxication, some bright spark decides it would be a good idea to make brownies! At the moment, just the thought of turning on the oven is enough to send my temperature control system into overload. The perspiration has already started to ooze and the sweaty, dripping chef look is not good today or any other day. To say my kitchen is humid is a gross understatement, the atmosphere is almost as thick as the batter I'm about to make...yeah, great idea! Mmm...but the smell from the oven is promising.

The Fat Witch Bakery is situated in the middle of Manhattan's Chelsea Market, New York, a place where you can lose yourself for an hour or two wandering around an amazing array of retail experiences. 

According to their philosophy Fat Witches care only about quality rather than quantity and don't try to bake for everyone, just those who have good taste. Being good witches they only bake in small covens, I mean, batches. Pat Helding, founder of Fat Witch Bakery, is a New York sensation as are her bewitching brownies. Pat, left her Wall Street job and started her mail order business in 1991.
Random NYC Wall Art
As you can imagine there are many different witchy brews and mixes that will no doubt have you under their spell in no time including: Java Witch; Blonde Witch; Red Witch; Snow Witch; Breakfast Witch and Fat Witch Walnut. Alas there is no 'Witchy Woman'. Those of you who left your youth in the last century will remember the lyrics to that great Eagles track, 'Witchy Woman' - raven hair and ruby lips, sparks fly from her fingertips, echo voices in the night she's a restless spirit on an endless'll have to play it to appreciate it.

When you come to make your own brownie mix you will need 12 tablespoons of unsalted butter, yes you heard me right that's 12 tablespoons or 6 oz in old money, 2 eggs, a mixing bowl, mixing spoon or electric mixer, spatula and an 8"x8" baking pan...unbelievably no broomsticks or eye of newt required which was a real downer.
Have you tried that new brownie mix from
Fat Witch Bakery?
A quick search online proved fruitless. Pat's book is available but the mix isn't but I'm sure it will be the meantime catch a plane or broomstick to the Big Apple.
Well Stacked Witches!
They are indeed very chocolatey, yummy and not overly oily considering the amount of butter. I added chopped pecans to my mix. Firm and chocolatey....what's not to like?! If you like brownies then why not read my blog post on Paul A Young's delicious sea-salted caramel pecan brownie....

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