Saturday, 6 December 2014

Cacao and Maca Organic Bar
Cacao and Maca Organic Bar
Cacao and Maca Organic Bar, sounds like it will do me the world of good especially as we're entering flu jab season and merry xmas, runny, snotty nose time. Isn't it compulsory for anybody over the age of 50 to be pricked by nursey? Well, you know what I mean... 

LoveRaw is a Superfood company based in Cambridgeshire founded by former investment banker, Rimi, who found inspiration on her travels to Andalucia, Spain. Whilst visiting the many farmers markets she discovered organic foods and a healthier way of life.  LoveRaw cater for a growing band  of consumers who want to enjoy products free of gluten, dairy, wheat and soya.
Coldpressed - Juice Tonic
As I recently discovered on a tour of Soho all strip joints have been replaced by 'coldpressed' juice bars. Everythings Naked with Energy, no change there! Apparently, these artisan juice bars are all the rage amongst young, trendy and wealthy clientele who have deep pockets and want to keep their complexions sans spots and crater free for years to come. Coldpressed basically means that all the good stuff your body needs is extracted at low temperatures without destroying them. You can spend £6.00 for a bottle of cocoa goodness from Juice Tonic. Leaves your wallet feeling slightly under the weather but you'll feel like you've discovered the elixir of life. Ok, getting back to the main attraction LoveRaw have applied the same principle and slow dry at 38 degrees C keeping food at its optimal nutritional value.
Not only is this bar good for those people who suffer from allergies but it may also help boost their dwindling sex drive. Nothing sells like sex. Maca Root, looking not unlike a small sugar beet, hails from South America and allegedly has the ability to improve your libido. The only down side is you have to be careful how much Maca you use. 

It all sounds wonderful but how does it taste? When opening the packet there is a strong malty aroma running thick with dates which just happens to be the main ingredient.
Did you hear about this great bar?
The texture is dry and crumbly with a nutty crunch provided by almonds and cashews. Within the mix you'll find Ecuadorian raw cacao and raw cacao nuts with only naturally occurring sugars. As this was my first time I wasn't disappointed but I'm not sure I'll swap my chocolate bar overnight for a bit of LoveRaw just yet.  A box of 12 will cost you £29.88 or £2.49 for 48g.

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