Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Michel Cluizel

Hubby has come home today full of himself after meeting Michel Roux at a book signing! But he did redeem himself by bringing home a signed book by the master himself. This is one happy lady! Now all I need him to do is to get him to take me to Le Gavroche. Dream on! Well I'm going to enjoy a few small squares of chocolate from Michel Cluizel. 

I've chosen three milk chocolates including the following:

  1. Carre Mangaro Lait 1er Cru de Plantation - 50% 
  2. Carre Grand Lait 45%
  3. Carre Maralumi Lait 1er Cru de Plantation - 47%

The Chocolates: 

First on the list is Carre Mangaro Lait 1er Cru de Plantation from Madagascar and has a 50% cocoa content. A slight tobacco aroma on opening the little square but not over powering. It's rich and creamy and melts quickly on the tongue. There is a hint of darkness and very little sweetness which you'd normally get with a milk chocolate. These are the tasting notes from the Chocolate Trading Company website. 

Using Trinitario cocoa from the Mangaro plantation in Madagascar. The world's first single estate milk chocolate. The unique flavours of the Mangaro cocoa, present in the Mangaro dark chocolate bar are evident here, with fruity notes, not usually found in high cocoa milk chocolates, and just enough to lift the deeper malt flavours produced from a higher cocoa content.

Second in line is Carre Grand Lait 45% cocoa content. This has a distinctly milder aroma than the previous chocolate. The texture is creamy and there is a caramel flavour coming through with a little acidity. I'm pleased to say that I picked out the caramel but I couldn't pick out the nut or malt. I must try harder  to pick these two flavours out! These are the tasting notes from the Chocolate Trading Company website.

This extremely popular high cocoa milk chocolate bar by Michel Cluizel provides a full flavoured chocolate containing all the richer caramel notes one comes to expect from a high cocoa milk, but with just enough sugar to keep it from turning too bitter for the sweeter toothed milk chocolate lovers. In our opinion Michel Cluizel leads the way in creating high cocoa milk chocolate.

The third and final chocolate is from Carre Maralumi Lait 1er Cru de Plantation with a 47% cocoa content. A definite fruity aroma coming from this little square. The taste is excellent and there is dark that hint of darkness in the background which just goes to show what an extra 2% will provide in terms of flavour. These are the tasting notes from the Chocolate Trading Company website.
The latest single origin, 47% cocoa, milk chocolate bar from Michel Cluizel. Using Trinitario cocoa from the Maralumi plantation in Papua New Guinea. The unique flavours of the Maralumi cocoa, present in the dark bar are also evident in this superb chocolate bar, with berry notes. A high cocoa milk chocolate with malt and an additional sweet edge.

Overall number three was my favourite and I recommend buying the tasting boxes as it is a good way of experimenting and finding out what chocolate you like without buying a big bar. A large tasting box will set you back £13.50 plus postage and packing.

To visit The Chocolate Trading Company click here.

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