Tuesday, 8 March 2011

"Bam Bam" Dark chocolate with crunchy peppermint

It's been a battle of wills today! Should I eat the delicious handmade cupcake and should I eat the delicious crème caramel with cream? Well, I failed the battle of the bulge big time today. I caved in and ate the lot I should be out running this evening instead of writing this post. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on your outlook chocolate has the better of me. At the moment, passion for chocolate is overriding passion for running. Plus, it is Shrove Tuesday which means I'll have to eat the pancakes which I'm making later.

'Bam Bam'! What a strange name for a bar of chocolate but it can't be any different to the Whoopee bar I reviewed a few days ago. The word 'Bam' is used to describe the sound of a collision or impact like something you would see in comics. Apparently dynamite comes in small sticks according to the blurb on the back of the bar. It might help if I read the information first. This range of small bar was created following feedback from customers who wanted something to snack on between snacks according to co-founder, Simon Pattinson.

The Chocolate: This chocolate has 60% cocoa solids with peppermint oil added to provide the flavour. The sugar content is low. There is a strong fruity and tobacco aroma coming from the bar as you take off the wrapper. There is no hint of the peppermint within which sparkles when you break off a chunk. This is a robust, chunky piece of chocolate and as you bite on the chocolate the peppermint oil is released. For once I do not feel as though I'm eating chocolate toothpaste! The peppermint does not overpower the chocolate which has a fairly dry chalky texture.

I think Montezuma have found the right balance with this bar of chocolate and I'd be happy to buy this again. Overall I think a score of 7/10 is well deserved for both flavour and presentation and at £1.39 for a 45g bar of chocolate it is not too pricey. I'm not sure that it lives up to its name but it is enjoyable. 
Buy now! Just visit the Montezuma website, click here.

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