Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Pale Rose - Amelia Rope

What to do jog or blog? Well its such a beautiful evening that I've decided to do both. Living in Chelmsford has a number of benefits one it is close to London for commuting and secondly it is not too far away from the lovely Essex countryside and tonight it is looking its best. Just a mile down the road and a hop skip and a jump through the local housing estate and you're into fields of green. Evenings like this bring out all types of people including joggers, dog walkers, tough men with tattoos and teenagers smoking something that you might find at a Bob Marley concert rather than on a park bench. The bird life (feathered variety) is also rampant with vibrant green woodpeckers strutting their stuff, dainty warblers doing what they do best and distant cuckoos making themselves known to one and all. By the way the sheep at Hylands school look like they're ready to be introduced to mint sauce!

Pale Rose by Amelia Rope, Academy Chocolate Winner 2011 no less, has been sitting in my chocolate selection bag for a while now and I thought it was time to share. According to Amelia's website she developed this bar after being bombarded by rose lovers who tasted the Pale Edition 01 milk chocolate bar.
To quote, "I realised that rose lovers are totally rosy people and when you want rose you need to taste it. So a ridiculous amount is added to the chocolate to engulf you in rose luxury. I feel I have heard the comments 'Turkish delight' in a chocolate bar' millions of times during tastings". 

The Chocolate: This is a 39% milk chocolate from Ecuador so expect a good cocoa hit. As the actress said to the bishop, "you've got to give me more to work with darling!" I'm actually referring to the size of chocolate sample that Amelia has sent me. Ok, I promise I will never mention this again! 

There is a lovely delicate aroma of rose coming from this chocolate. This is what I like about Amelia's chocolate the flavours are always so well balanced. The flavour is amazing and it is giving me goose bumps which doesn't normally happen when I eat chocolate. Turkish delight is the best way to describe this flavour not in any way over powering it lingers in the background like scent allowing the rich cocoa to come through with a final rose flourish at the end. The milk chocolate is smooth, slightly sweet and has a great velvety mouth feel.

Overall a great 'square' of chocolate, 9/10. OMG I think I'm finally hooked on rose chocolate. I have to say I didn't see that coming! At £5.60 it is a hefty price tag but you're unlikely to taste anything like it. To buy this chocolate click here.

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