Thursday, 21 July 2011

Fudge Kitchen
Transport home!
Hubby completed bike ride from hell yesterday. Cylcled around Loch Katrine and managed to miss the boat home! This meant a further 11 miles on top of the 12 miles he'd already completed. Glad he has made good use of his bike. So, a restful day has been planned for today. We left the Trossachs early this morning and headed to Edinburgh, capital of Scotland. Roads are empty and we all wonder why we had to get up so early. Obviously, experience of London traffic and M25 nightmare journeys are still fresh in the mind. Took the 'Park and Ride' option to get into centre of Edinburgh which was a good move. Edinburgh is a strange but interesting place and certainly wasn't anything like I'd imagined. The mix of historical landmarks, wide boulevards, modern Parliament buildings and 'kiss me quick' type shops was all a bit odd. Food and beer is good value for money but visits to historic attractions curtailed due to high cost of entrance fees. Tourists were clammering over each other to give up their yen and dollars!

In amongst the shops selling kilts, the all important ginger wigs and Saltires there were a number of gems including traditional cigar shops which were a real surprise. Very interesting to see Monte Cristo cigars, to name just one, and even pipes on sale. I was on the hunt for a chocolate shop but came across  the 'Fudge Kitchen' and thought it worth a visit having enjoyed traditional 'tablet' a few days earlier. I must admit that the Fudge Kitchen is a new experience but apparently they have been hand-crafting their fudge since 1983 using a recipe that dates back to 1830. When we visited the team were making a batch of fudge on their marble table which always impresses me. There are over 20 flavours to choose from, all cut in thick mouth watering slices weighing approximately 175g. Buy by the slice or go for the deal.

The Fudge: Chocolate Walnut - As mentioned they hand-craft their fudge in small batches using no preservatives. Ingredients include: sugar, corn syrup, fresh whipping cream, natural flavourings, colours and a little salt. Well you didn't think it was going to be healthy! They even have a Dairy Free range that uses soya cream instead of whipping cream.
Chocolate Walnut Fudge
Plenty of cocoa and walnuts have been used to produce this fudge which is creamy smooth on the inside and crunchy on the outside. I'm sure sugar is the main ingredient but it certainly does not come across in the flavour. Ok, I'm kidding. It's sweet but not overly. Looking forward to the other three pieces. It's not the cheapest fudge in the world and at £15.99 for four pieces is an indulgent treat but would make a great gift to the fudge lover in your family.

Buy online and save 10%. Click here for more details.

Fudge Kitchen stores are in the following locations: Canterbury, Bath, Windsor, Oxford, Cambridge, York and Lightwater Valley Theme Park.


  1. It looks amazing! That's exactly how I think chocolate fudge should look. Like what my mother used to make - with raisins or Turkish Delight or walnuts. And always with a bit of rum or Amaretto :)

  2. Ana, I agree a bit of Rum or Amaretto would go well with this one. I'm working my way through the box and the chocolate and walnut is the best so far. Rum and Raisin is a bit too sweet but still delicious! Thanks for your comment. Christine