Tuesday, 16 August 2011


The co-operative, good with foodWhat do you know about the co-op? Well, I for one know absolutely nothing apart from the fact that the co-op is made up of a number of businesses, found on a street corner, has a 'green' shop front and didn't they start something called the 'divi'? That's about my limit! Ok, I know a little bit more than that and have always used them on holiday and I occasionally pop down to the local shop in Writtle.

Company Snap Shot: The co-op started as a small shop in Lancashire and is now a worldwide movement. In 1844 the Rochdale Pioneers Society started the co-op based on 8 Rochdale Rules which included a share of the profits according to purchases, later to be known as the 'divi'. 1863 Co-Operative Wholesale Society established. Jumping forwards a few decades, as some of you are not paying attention at the back! 1965 dividend stamps introduced. 1985 the Co-op announces that no own-brand toiletries will be tested on animals. 1992 the Co-op bank introduces a customer-led Ethical policy. 1998 it stocks Fairtrade products in every food store. In 2002 they switched their entire own brand chocolate bar range to Fairtrade. 2003 it switches all own-brand coffee to Fairtrade. Truly an innovative company! Ok, if you need to find out more about the co-operative click here.

The Chocolate: As some of you may know mint is not my favourite ingredient in chocolate. However, I will soldier on....Described as truly irresistible Fairtrade dark chocolate with peppermint oil. It actually contains 93% Fairtrade ingredients. Very well packaged even the foil is fairly thick and has a luxury feel about it. Did you know that all their chocolate bars are produced by Divine Chocolate, using high quality cocoa beans from Kuapa Kokoo, a co-operative of 45,000 farmers in Ghana. To find out more about their food ethics click here
Open the silver foil and leave the bar untouched for a while before you start munching. Immediately, you are hit with the familiar aroma of 'after eight' mints. You either love it or hate it! The bar is well made unfortunately I've let it go a bit soft so the snap is missing. The great fact about this bar is that the cool mint flavour is not too strong and doesn't over shadow the cocoa completely. You don't feel that you've just washed your teeth in chocolate toothpaste which is a relief. If I wasn't on a diet I'd probably eat the lot!

Overall I enjoyed this bar as did my friends who've kindly eaten every square. 6/10 is a reasonable score. Unfortunately, I do not have the price for this 100g bar but I will update the blog when I find the receipt!

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