Thursday, 20 October 2011

Coffee Affair

It has been a very, very frustrating week so far, in terms of computers and blogging.  Nobody told me that moving a blog from Blogger to WordPress would be so difficult!  Why do they have to make it so complicated.  It's all very simple they explain. Give permission here there and everywhere and 'hey presto' your blog has been transferred. Ok, that's good but hang on where are the pictures?!  Oh, we forgot to mention that you have to have a PHD in nuclear physics before this can happen. Grrr! While I count to a million and one, my new WordPress site is looking very sorry for itself and it will probably remain that way for a while until I can summon up the strength required to start again.  If anybody knows of a simple way to transfer the whole blog and nothing but the blog then let me know.  I might even send you one of my very own chocolate bars!

Ok, we're talking chocolate and already the endorphins are kicking in, lifting my mood!  Thank goodness for chocolate! 

The Chocolate: "Coffee Affair" from Chocolate and Love is dark, organic and contains 100% Fairly Traded ingredients.  Don't confuse this with the Fairtrade organisation.  Packaging looks fantastic!

Naked Chocolate:  A well made bar of chocolate (apologies for the crack but somebody broke it..not me). The bar is bright and has a good snap which demonstrates that it has been well tempered.  The bar is made by a Swiss company for Chocolate and Love.  I've noticed this with several chocolate providers that they farm out their chocolate bar production to somebody else so they can concentrate on other parts of the business.  I did overhear at Chocolate Unwrapped that they were looking to start home tastings which would be a fun way to start a dinner party.  You might also be interested to know that Chocolate and Love are running a competition.  Not just any competition they're giving away a £10,000 diamond, click here for information.

This particular bar won a Silver Award at this year's Academy of Chocolate for 'Best Flavoured Dark Bar'. They were up against Amelia Rope and Paul A Young to name just two. 

The cocoa content of this bar is 55%, so not very high for a dark chocolate.  I can't pick up a big coffee aroma from the bar.  The bar is well balanced in terms of cocoa and coffee which makes a pleasant change.  Coffee is not a flavour I would always choose as I've tasted some horrendous offerings in the past.  This is all very mellow with a hint of espresso in the background.  No nasty bitter flavours coming through at all, which for me, is good.

Overall a good bar of chocolate with pleasant enough flavours and at £3.20 for a 100g not a bad choice. I liked the bar and presentation and I think it deserves 7/10. To buy this bar click here.

To win a massive diamond click here


  1. How frustrating about changing your blog!! Not good! I like chocolate and loves bars, ive never tried the coffee one before though, it looks nice.

  2. Yes, it is very annoying but have started to slowly build up the reviews. I made a rash decision one evening to buy a website after reading about blog spots and losing information! Coffee bar is ok but is not as good as Crushed Diamonds or Filthy Rich. I like my coffee hot and in a mug!