Saturday, 15 October 2011

Day Trip to London

The journey from hell lay ahead but this did not deter us as we knew what the prize was at the other end.  Chocolate!  Network Rail or whatever they're called kindly and thoughtfully laid on several obstacles for our journey to Vinopolis earlier today.  But the epic journey to London was well worth the aggravation and extreme hardship that we had to endure.  Ok, so we had to get on a train, on a coach, on a tube and then we had to walk!  I almost died! 

London was looking it's best under glorious sunshine and blue sky.  The big surprise was not the chocolate show but Borough Market.  On previous visits we'd missed this spectacle and what a feast of autumnal colours and delicacies were set before us.

Borough Market it was packed to the rafters with masses of people just moving about admiring, tasting and photographing everything.  In fact I almost could not believe that I was in an English market. Brilliant!

Rabot Estate Broken Slabs
A brief saunter around the Rabot Estate shop was too much for my wallet and I had to make my escape to Chocolate Unwrapped.  The bags (on the left) in the picture were £9.00 a go!  So, I settled for a chocolate mousse shot at £2.00 which I shared of course.  A tasty snack but lacked finish which was a bit disappointing.

Onwards to Chocolate Unwrapped at Vinopolis!  There seemed to be more vendors there this year including several new ones which was good to see.  These were just some of the companies that we saw and sampled: Paul A Young; Duffy; Akesson's from Sweden; Paul Wayne Gregory; Pacari; Ecuador ChocoFest; Chococo; Chocolate and Love; The Chocolate Lover's Wine; chocoMe from Hungary; Rococo and so many more!  After two hours we'd had our full of chocolate and these are just some of the bars we purchased.

If you have time tomorrow this is well worth a visit and great experience for novices as you can taste as much chocolate as you like! There is also a program of talks and demonstrations throughout the day.


  1. Im so gutted i couldnt make it down for chocolate unwrapped i had something on last weekend :( so upsetting, glad you had a good time!

  2. London this year Paris next! It was good and I wish I'd taken a better camera with me. Next time I'm going to stay for some of the talks but the time just flew by especially after visiting Borough Market. Tried lots of new chocolate which is always good.