Saturday, 1 October 2011

Filthy Rich - 71% Dark and Organic

What a week!  The economies of Europe are in melt down.  Prime Minister Merkle has propped up the Greece economy so much that effectively Greece is now Germany's bitch.  They now have more support than Chesty Morgan, Google it and you'll see what I mean.  If Greece default on their loans then which bits are they going to cut off?  Don't bother racing down to the poolside to grab a sun lounger as it will be a pointless exercise - the Germans will already own them!  Meanwhile British workers swelter in the unseasonably high temperatures.  Some lucky few escape and head to Brighton, soon to be renamed Brightonabados, if these temperatures continue.  Somebody in government has suggested that increasing the speed limit to 80 mph will stimulate the economy and he's probably right.  Look at Germany, they have a good economy and they have autobahns.  I can't believe we never made that connection before.  A so called 'City Trader', interviewed on BBC1, dreams of the next double dip recession.  There are always those that are going to try to make a fast buck from a disaster and become Filthy Rich.

Ok, I know that is a rubbish link but this review can only get better.  Filthy Rich, what a fantastic name,  sounds like something Harry Enfield might have said. Created by Chocolate and Love an online chocolate boutique.  Founded by Richard O'Connor and Birgitte Hovmand entrepreneurs who travelled round the globe to bring us some of the very best chocolate back to the UK. 

The Chocolate:  This colourful, vibrant packaging has a bejewelled quality feel about it and conceals a bar which is described as containing premium quality cocoa from Fairtrade cooperatives in the Dominican Republic and Peru .   The aroma from this chocolate is making the hairs on my neck stand up.  If you're an early riser, like myself, you'll know that recently the mornings have been very cool and slightly damp which gives the air an intoxicating forest smell.  Well this is exactly what I'm getting from this bar which is deep and intense wood, tobacco and fruit, possibly blackberry, but that may just be my imagination running away with me.  Anyway it certainly hits the spot!

The sharpness of the fruit comes through slowly as the chunk of chocolate luxuriously melts on your tongue. The chocolate is smooth, rich and has a delicious liquid mouth feel.  In comparison to 'Crushed Diamonds', which I gave  a score of 9/10, this bar is in another league.  At £3.20 for a 100g bar this is good value for a really great bar of chocolate.  This bar receives 9.5 points and this is only because I never give 10 out 10 because the producers might stop trying!  I recommend you stock up today.  Click here to buy online.

If you're visiting London then you can find their bars in Harvey Nichols.  

Plus, for the chocoholics out there Chocolate Unwrapped will be taking place on 15 and 16 October at Vinopolis, London.


  1. I love bars from Chocolate and Love they always taste such good quality, sounds a tasty bar!

  2. It is so scrummy! I am very biased when it comes to anything from Peru but this is a good piece of chocolate. I have two more to taste Orange Mantra and Coffee Affair so I'm looking forward to these. Have you tried these?