Saturday, 16 November 2013

Perky and Punchy!

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Two youngsters enjoying a full fat 'laughtee'!
Perky and Punchy, that's how I like my coffee and numerous other things now I come to think about it, but that's another story.

Monmouth, roast coffee from single farms, estates and cooperatives. The company have built their reputation on their thirst for knowledge. They know where every coffee bean has originated from and possibly even who has picked them. They travel exhaustingly throughout the world of coffee to find new producers and cooperatives.

Building relationships with exporters and growers is vital to helping their cause in delivering great coffee from around the world, including Africa, Central America and South America to name just a few. 

For the coffee aficionado's amongst us their espresso is one of the best and I quote. Using Fazenda Sertao (Brazil) as the base of the espresso, adding Lo Mejor de Narino (Colombia) for high notes and complexity and Finca Las Nubes (Guatemala) for cocoa notes. Organic espresso is also available. 

They no longer roast coffee at their Covent Garden shop but receive daily delivery of freshly roasted beans from their Roasting site in Bermondsey. 


Just a few hundred yards down the road heading towards St Martin's Lane you'll find NOTES who specialise in coffee but also provide food and wine. The type of place where you can spend the whole day eating and drinking. Bliss!

As they say in their introduction the guys and girls at NOTES take their coffee seriously. This is certainly the place to go for a coffee experience. Highly trained baristas perform on the brew bar providing a sense of theatre. Freshly brewed coffee can take up to 10 minutes to arrive at your table but, it is worth it. 

A cup of espresso will set you back £3.00, served with iced water flavoured with fresh mint and orange. A bag of Kenyan beans will set you back £11.00 for 250g or £44.00 per kilo. A delicious fruity and light coffee ideal for some afternoon escapism.

Some V60 action that hits
all the right NOTES!
In August 2013 they opened their own roastery allowing them to source fresh harvests from across the world ensuring great flavours. An atmospheric, enlightening and educational afternoon.....what could be better.

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