Saturday, 31 May 2014

Such a Sucker for Sacher

Vienna, Sacher Torte,
Before leaving for Vienna orders had been eagerly handed out by friends to bring back a plethora of Sacher Tortes or else I would end up with egg on my face. 

Should I phone the hotel to warn them that a huge order was about to catch them unawares? I shouldn't have worried as brand 'Sacher' is in rude health with tortes literally flying out the door clutched by squillions of tourists like myself. 

Sacher HotelThe Hotel Sacher Wien - opened in 1876 by Edward Sacher, son of the creator of the original Sacher-Torte. You don't want to be heard criticising the beloved Sacher as it stands for all things Viennese including lifestyle, culture, tradition and luxury, no less. Not many 16 year old chefs can claim to have created a cake that represented their countries culture! But, Franz Sacher, whisked up this dessert at the court of Prince Metternich and since then it has become famous in the 'torte' culinary corridors of cake power. His weekly pocket money must have been immense. The recipe remains a state secret and only the original Sacher has the 'Hotel Sacher' seal. 

Essentially, a Sacher Torte is a chocolate cake, wrapped in a thick chocolate icing, which is glued to the sponge using apricot jam. Sounds delicious! Served traditionally with whipped cream produced in a variety of sizes from 12cm to 22cm. Sold at prices that will have you choking on your Sacher crumbs. Each cake is handmade by a fair Viennese maiden, man or bearded woman if we have to be gender specific. 

Beautifully presented in bright paper and sturdy wooden boxes that will withstand small nuclear blasts. Welcome to brand Sacher.

In my mind their customer service is better than their torte. Especially when I came to eat mine which was dry and crumbly not unlike my skin. I fired off a short and succinct email requesting Franz Sacher's or one of his close decedent's head on a dessert plate....

The Sacher team responded immediately by sending a replacement within a matter of days. The replacement was very enjoyable and went down a treat with some but not all. The apricot jam used to attach the chocolate icing is not to everybody's taste and is overpowering. Oh well, more for me.

If €50 is not enough to spend on a chocolate cake you can also blow your hard earned wonga on a bottle of Original Sacher Liqueur or tins of Original Sacher Hot Chocolate. 

In my opinion the French Opera Cake is far superior in both taste and texture.

You can find Hotel Sacher Wien on Philharmonikerstrasse 4, A-1010, Wien. Just follow the link for more information. Sacher.  

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