Saturday, 3 January 2009

The Chocolate Truffle Company Supports Student on a trip of a Lifetime

The Chocolate Truffle Company is pleased to announce that they are supporting Marigold Wood a 17 year old student, who is in her final year of college. This summer Marigold is embarking on a trip to Indonesia with the charity 'Operation Wallacea' where she will be carrying out conservation management work.
In Indonesia, she will be working under university academics spending one week in the rainforest carrying out observations on terrestrial organisms there and one week investigating the state of the marine wildlife.

This information is then sent to organizations such as WWF and the World Bank, so that they can make valid decisions on where funding should be spent. Furthermore, whilst in Indonesia, she will be staying with local people. Part of the charity's work is to educate the locals on a more sustainable way of living, farming and hunting that does not damage their environment (which is the most biodiverse in the world.) In the past, Operation Wallacea's work in Indonesia has led to the discovery of 30 new vertebrate species and he re-discovery of 4 'extinct' ones. The work done out there is also often mentioned in reports and papers. 
To help Marigold raise the necessary funds for the trip the Chocolate Truffle Co. will donate £0.05 from the sale of every Costa Rica 64 chocolate bar via our web site between Jan and April 09.

Thank you for your support.

The Chocolate Truffle Company supports the Rainforest Alliance.

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