Sunday, 14 November 2010

Arricua - 72% Dark Noble Chocolate

Well after all the excitement of today's Grand Prix I need some chocolate to calm me down! Chocadores kindly sent me a bar of Arricua produced by Pamaco the famous Swiss chocolate maker. Not knowing anything about this company I did some research and discovered that Pamaco means roughly 'to melt tenderly'. When you think of Switzerland and chocolate you tend to think of Lindt rather than the little known Pamaco. According to several websites their chocolate is renowned especially for their conching process which can last up to 72 hours.

A little history lesson...In 1879 Rudolphe Lindt invented the "conching" machine, which really improved the quality of chocolate. The word conch was apparently derived from the Latin word that describes the machine's shell-like shape. His conching machine consisted of heavy granite rollers which moved backwards and forwards creating heat and subsequently developing flavours. Not only does it develop flavour but also it takes on a smooth quality, due to a reduction in size of the particles.

The Packaging: UK chocolate makers take note of this packaging! This bar is stylish and put together with the type of precision you would expect from a Swiss watch maker. It really helps to set the scene.

The Chocolate: The Arricua is made from a blend of the Criollo and Arriba cocoa beans grown in Ecuador using Pamaco legendary 72 hour long refining process. The cocoa flavour is enhanced by the intense coffee and liquorice notes. The bar itself is attractively presented with the Pamaco logo placed in the middle of the bar. Can anyone tell me why they have three owls depicted on their chocolate? The bar is beautifully tempered and the outside of the chocolate is smooth as glass. For me Pamaco is not about intense flavours. I'm finding it hard to pick out the coffee and liquorice but the smoothness is almost velvety and the flavour is subtle and long lasting. Like a Swiss banker its smooth and well heeled and everybody likes a little luxury once in a while.

This bar of chocolate is addictive as it is not overpowering and certainly does not leave the mouth dry. In terms of price this excellent bar is fairly reasonable when you consider that it is a hefty 125g which is one of the biggest bars I have seen on the market. At £4.75 for 125g this high quality bar is very reasonable when compared to the competition. Based on a 100g the price equates to £3.80.

I give this bar 8/10 for flavour, 9/10 for packaging and 9/10 for price in comparison to similar bars on the market. You also have to remember that this bar is made with Criollo beans.

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