Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Black Cherries and Vanilla

Chelmsford has finally got some graffiti, or should I call it street art, that we should actually and rightly be proud of!  What a refreshing change to see some quality artwork splashed across the drab hoarding that has gone up next to the railway station.  For the past few months the drunks and the not so skilled at spelling have been scribbling their garbage all over it. Now we have some great images that look amazing.  Well, I think they look amazing!  If I had enough money I think I'd use them for my next range of packaging.  To see some of their other work click BRAVE.

This actually leads me into the next chocolate review rather nicely.  Followers of Zotter will know that they've recently changed their Mitzi Blue packaging and they have some of the best designs that I've ever seen.  There is nobody that comes close to their original and exciting artwork.  Their entire Zotter product range is created by art director, Andreas h. Gratze.  He has received the IF packing award 2008 and was nominated for the Design Award 2009 of the Federal Republic of Germany.  He uses environmentally friendly paper and  colours for the packaging.

Chocolates Hand-Scooped:  According to the literature provided these organic and fairtrade bars have turned into a cult.  To quote, "Seductive individual layers are piled up, coated with homemade chocolate couverture which harmonizes with the filling and constantly merges into an impressive experience of taste."  Using a special procedure at their factory they manufacture nut and fruit couvertures which result in increased taste and refinement.
Hand Scooped Black Cherries with Vanilla
The Chocolate: This is a chunky little bar looking a lot bigger than 70g. The bar is slightly dull due to a small amount of blooming.  This may be down to storage.  The black cherry aroma mixed with the cocoa is heady stuff!  As you break open the bar there is slight smell of alcohol giving the impression you've broken into a liqueur chocolate.  Now, I wished I'd taken a photo of the inside as this is where it gets interesting.  The dark chocolate hides a black-cherry fruit purée with a layer of vanilla-almond nougat.  It's quite odd because I just wasn't expecting this.  I'd describe it as an upmarket, rectangular, Wagon Wheel, if that's possible. The bitter chocolate (60%) isn't very bitter and the jam also lacks flavour. The black cherry flavour seems to have disappeared totally to be replaced by hints of orange and apricot. I'd describe this as a sheep dressed in wolf's clothing.

The packaging is very creative but overall flavours are a bit of a let down, almost an anticlimax.  I think Zotter have tried to be too clever and therefore I can only give this bar 6/10!  To find out more about this bar click here.  The bar can be found in some Waitrose stores and expect to pay £3.25 per bar.


  1. Wow, that can really be called street art! :)

    As for the Zotter bar... I intend to try it soon.

    So far, I haven't found a Zotter product that I didn't like. The funny thing is that, while their hand-scooped bars are perhaps the ones they are best known for (and, personally, I did appreciate them and their unusual flavour pairings), the one Zotter bar that I thought was perfect was the Labooko single origin one (Brazil 60% Dark).

  2. Hi Ana, thanks for your comment. Hopefully the other hand scooped bars will be better than than this. I had a Jaffa cake this afternoon and almost thought it was better than this bar. But, I think that would be a little mean of me!

    I reviewed this bar a while back and loved it.