Friday, 17 December 2010

Devnaa - Dark Chocolate with Almonds & Honey

Getting some very odd looks today as I'm taking pictures of Devnaa chocolate bars outside in freezing temperatures! Fortunately the snow has not hit the South East just yet but I reckon we will be in total white out conditions tomorrow if the forecast is to be believed! Hence why I'm getting this review in before we go back in to deep freeze mode.

If you've not heard of Devnaa before they are a family company based in London producing artisan chocolate using traditional Indian sweet recipes. I wasn't totally convinced about the balance of spices in my last review but I have a feeling this should be a lot better as honey and almonds are the only other main ingredients.

The Packaging: Their packaging is very bright and colorful as is their website and I like the Indian imagery that they incorporate. Not only do they provide bars but they also provide a range of handmade chocolates and truffles that are again displayed in very vivid colours. The curiously named Chai Masala Truffles is very intriguing and is just one of 35 different recipes that they've produced for their chocolate range.

The Chocolate: This particular dark chocolate has a cocoa content of 60% with finely diced pieces of almond scattered throughout the bar. Unfortunately, the didn't survive the postal experience and arrived slightly dented even though great care had been taken to make sure it was well protected. It will be broken up where it's going so no worries. The chocolate has a good cocoa aroma and according to their website they use Belgian chocolate but there is no further information. There is a good snap from the chocolate as you bite into the first chunk. There isn't a huge amount of flavour coming from this chocolate and any  depth of flavour is very short. However, the almonds and honey come through well on this bar and there is a slight taste of perfume at the end. The sweetness from the honey is not overpowering and the chocolate melts easily in the mouth with no sense of dryness on the palette.

Postman 1 Chocolate Bar 0
Overall this is a well made piece of chocolate with a superb snap! Probably due to the arctic conditions it endured as I took a photo. Seriously, I did let it warm up. For me this is a perfect case of less is more just a few ingredients that do not over complicate and confuse the taste buds.

I'm happy to give this bar 7/10 for flavour and 8/10 for their Corporate Social Responsibility stance. With every bar sold 5p is donated to Heal who help children in India. Prices start from £5.99 for 2 bars (70g each).

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  1. Honey and dark chocolate is quite an unusual pairing. It's always nice to see something like this :)