Saturday, 18 December 2010

Giant Milk Chocolate Buttons from Chocadores

Light snow has turned to blizzard conditions so will not be venturing out. Plus, I've been a busy bee this morning and all the Christmas decorations are now up so I thought I'd treat my self to a chocolate moment and review some chocolate buttons from Chocadores.

The Packaging: Nicely presented in cello with a great looking picture of a cocoa pod. These 150g bags will make good stocking fillers for some lucky person. Chocadores feature four varieties of chocolate buttons: a milk chocolate from Venezuela 43%; a dark chocolate from Peru 64%; a dark chocolate from Madagascar 67% and milk chocolate buttons from Ecuador 39%. 

The Chocolate: These particular buttons are from Venezuela and have a cocoa content of 43%. According to the information provided they are made using a blend of rare Criollo and Trinitario cocoa beans that are grown on plantations in Venezuela. The Criollo bean is the rarest and most expensive variety of cocoa. Prized for its exceptional flavour and intense aroma. The Trinitario is hybrid of Criollo and Forastero trees that originated from Trinidad. Apparently 90% of the cocoa produced in the world is from Forastero beans. Criollo chocolate has a distinctive reddish colour.

There is nothing wrong with this chocolate but the intense cocoa flavour that you expect is not there. A 43% milk chocolate will usually give you a rich chocolate flavour and this is just not coming through. The flavour is short and almost thin in comparison to other milk chocolates that I've tasted from Venezuela of the same % cocoa content. Maybe this is due to the blend? I didn't actually detect anything that really stood out in this chocolate. Maybe my taste buds are frozen! 

Venezuela 43% Milk Chocolate Buttons
These particular milk buttons score 5/10 as the lack of flavour is letting them down a tad. But if you're somebody who enjoys a more subtle chocolate then these will be ideal for you.

Priced at £3.75 for 150g plus postage and packing. To buy, click here.

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