Tuesday, 22 March 2011

White Chocolate Belgian

White Chocolate Belgian - What a very strange name lets hope the chocolate tastes better than the title suggests! The marketing team must have been on an away day when they pulled that one out of the hat! Actually I've probably read this incorrectly and it should just be referred to as White which is bit more appealing.

The bar is described as a, "smooth and creamy continental style white chocolate". According to the ingredients this chocolate has no artificial colours or artificial flavours and is a unique blend of the finest ingredients with no added vegetable fats - just 100% cocoa butter. This is a little bit misleading as there are other ingredients including sugar which is at the top of the list. 
As many of you will know the more cocoa butter the better the quality of the chocolate. So, it looks like we could be in for a treat. Even though I've mocked the marketing department at Thorntons I do like their overall design for their block range.

The Chocolate: The write up on the back of the package describes the chocolate as being wonderfully balanced in terms of flavour, with ever-so-subtle hints of natural vanilla. Apparently the word 'Vainilla' is a Spanish word meaning 'little pod'. My only criticism is that there is no information on the white chocolate apart from the fact that it is from Belgian.

The first impression as you discard the silver wrapping is that this chocolate is devoid of all aroma. However, after a little more inhaling, a waxy aroma emanates from the block. Initially it smells a bit like Icoa from El Rey but when you take a piece in your mouth this idea is quickly thrown out! It certainly is a lot sweeter than Icoa but it is not overly sweet. It is certainly creamy and smooth with just a hint of vanilla towards the end. There is an after taste but it is not too strong.

Thorntons you have surprised me with this block. I was ready to write this one off as a bad joke but it is a reasonable bar of white chocolate and therefore scores a sensible 6/10 for an indulgent snack. I purchased 3 bars for £5.00 which is good value for money. I think I need to enlarge my repertoire of white chocolate to get a better feel and understanding. Let me know which is your favourite white chocolate and I'll try and feature it.

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