Monday, 21 March 2011

Seeds of Change - Organic Dark Chocolate - Orange and Fig

I have to admit this is a bit of a strange one. The name "Seeds of Change" conjours up visions of loamy soil, well tendered allotments with row upon row of onions, new potatoes and runner beans. It says nothing about chocolate! According to the information provided on the inside of the wrapper and on their website chocolate was a happy accident. Seeds of Change started life in seeds, with a mission to create strictly organic seeds for like minded gardeners and farmers. Not only did they want to created organic seeds but they wanted to retain and preserve heirloom seeds which were rapidly disappearing from the allotments of England's green and pleasant land. Apparently "Seeds of Change" is a division of Mars Food UK famous for brands such as Mars, Galaxy, and many more. You learn something new everyday! 

Not only do they sell chocolate but they also provide pasta, pasta sauces and cooking sauces. The business was originally started in 1989 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. The presentation is good and I like all the information provided inside the wrapper.

They provide 4 different bars including Dark Chocolate Orange and Fig; Dark Chocolate; Dark Chocolate with Hazelnut and Walnut; Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut and Cashew. An interesting selection. The chocolate is from the Dominican Republic and they state that they help their farmers protect their crops and achieve higher prices. They have also teamed up with Conservation International in Brazil, supporting projects on sustainable cacao growing and sharing practices that protect forest biodiversity. 1% of their revenue is set aside for research into sustainable organic agriculture and the preservation of biodiversity.

The Chocolate: As already stated the chocolate is from the Dominican Republic and is organic made from Trinitario cocoa. Chocolate contains 59% cocoa solids.
The chocolate has a lovely soft aroma and the orange oil seeps through your nostrils with a hint of cocoa in the background. The bar is well made, shiny and has a great snap as I break off the first square.The Chocolate melts quickly to reveal the firm and crunchy figs and there are plenty of them in each square. The chocolate is a little lost with the figs and zesty orange which I have to say is a strange combination but it works to a certain degree. At the end you are left with an orange/fig flavour in your mouth which isn't unpleasant.

The presentation is good but the flavours of orange and fig are a bit odd and I probably wouldn't run out to buy another bar straight away but it is not a bad bar of chocolate and I've already eaten most of it! Even though this is an organic bar the price is fairly reasonable at £2.09 for 100g. I purchased this bar  from Waitrose.

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