Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Glen Ample Raspberries and Ginger on Dark Belgian Chocolate

Having just booked a holiday in Scotland it seems only right that I should review some chocolate delights from across the border in Aberdeenshire. Berry Scrumptious, what a delicious name for a company and it sums up exactly what they do. Berry Scrumptious was devised and created by husband and wife team, Claire and Ross Rennie. Growing all their own raspberries and strawberries ensures that they have the very best ingredients to work with and I'm sure many foodies would agree that Scottish raspberries are excellent. Not only do they grow and harvest them but they also freeze dry them on site to guarantee all those fantastic flavours are locked in.

It would be amiss of me not to mention their chocolate dipped strawberries which look amazing and obviously make ideal wedding favours or gifts for some very lucky people. I would imagine these are their top sellers and chocolate bars possibly play second fiddle to the dipped strawberry gift packs which retail at £19.99 for six. That's not to say that the same care and attention is not bestowed upon their bars.

Claire kindly sent me a Raspberry and Ginger bar to taste which is simply presented in big shards in a clear cellophane bag. The type of chocolate used is not clear except that it originates from Belgian with a cocoa content of 54%.

The Chocolate: The bar is bright and has a good snap and I like the way the bar has been made and presented. The dried raspberries have been well crushed to almost a powder and sprinkled evenly throughout the bar producing a delicious 'zing'. The dark chocolate is probably a bit too sweet for my liking but it blends well with the raspberries and ginger. I was expecting a greater depth of flavour from both the raspberries and ginger. That's not to say there isn't any flavour there is just not enough of it. I want more zing!

Chocolate, raspberries and ginger make a great combination. I just think there needs to be a bit more of the essential ingredients to provide that extra level of flavour. The dark chocolate is low in cocoa which made it a little too sweet for my taste and perhaps they might consider experimenting with other dark chocolates, therefore I'm awarding this bar a score of 6/10. At £2.95 for an 85g bar it is reasonably priced for a handmade product and would make a lovely gift.

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