Saturday, 2 April 2011

Pale Lime and Sea Salt

Amelia Rope Chocolate Ltd. Is she one of England's best kept secrets? The likes of Paul A Young and Willie Harcourt Cooze always seem to be in the media spotlight at sometime or other. But whilst the top guns of chocolate have been parading the cat walks of chocofashion (that is not a real word ok) Amelia has been quietly taking over the South of England. Until I was sent her current list of stockists I hadn't realised how far the work of Amelia had spread. Even turning up in deepest darkest Essex and cool Suffolk in places such as Milsom Hotels. I remember working with Gerald Milsom at Le Talbooth when I was a youngster and dropping a great silver full of potatoes over a bride and groom! The bride was very understanding but I was sent out the back to peel potatoes for the remainder of the day and I didn't see the front of house for many days. It was tough in my day. I also notice that her chocolate bars are on sale at Lifehouse Spa, Thorpe-le-Soken. It has been ages since I heard the name Thorpe-le-Soken mentioned let alone in the same breath as fine chocolate. It's obviously gone up market since I spent three years in Clacton-on-Sea as a catering student. Very posh don't you know.

Everything about Amelia's packaging oozes quality, style and finesse. The combination of striking foil against the rather understated outer wrapper is very well executed and probably a marketing dream, if I was a marketing person. 

The chocolate: Pale Lime and Sea Salt. At this point I would usually have a photo of the 'naked' bar in all its glory but let's just say Amelia hasn't given me a lot to work with. Obviously, she was thinking of my waistline for which I'm extremely grateful. You'll have to take my word for it but the chocolate is bright and a lovely milky brown. The Pale Editions as they're known are made by blending organic aromatherapy oils with Ecuadorian couverture (39% cocoa solids). The aroma of lime is strong as I open the package. The first morsel quickly melts on the tongue releasing the lime followed by salt which mixes in very nicely with the sweet milky chocolate. Did you use Maldon Salt? Lime and Salt you might think only works with Tequila well think again it also works with chocolate!

I really enjoyed this chocolate and was left wanting more. So, in regards to score it gets a very respectable 8/10 from me. In terms of value for money this bar is top end with a price tag of £5.59 (including VAT) (100g) plus another £4.95 for postage if you're buying online. When compared against other high quality bars this is on a par with their pricing.

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This chocolate was reviewed and posted by Richard, chocolate understudy to Christine!

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