Sunday, 17 April 2011

Thorntons - Milk Chocolate with Fudge

Sun, an exciting Grand Prix, the second in a row, and the London Marathon all in one day! What more can you ask for? Oh, yes I forgot to mention that we have Blue Tits in the nest box which is a fantastic result. My dad has a Blue Tits nest with 10 eggs in it. How does he know? Well, he has the box linked up to a TV and is watching the birds version of Big Brother. Oh, back to the Grand Prix. How many times did Martin Brundle say, 'beautifully' throughout the race? Martin you have three weeks until the next race to find some other adjectives or you're on mute!

So, to finish off a great weekend I'm going to review the last of my Thorntons stash. Milk chocolate with fudge pieces. This is the spiel that marketing guys from Thorntons have put on the back of this block. So, to quote, "Years of expertise told us that the caramel flavours in soft fudge would perfectly complement the honey-sweet notes found in the creamy Papua New Guinea milk chocolate. So we put them together, and discovered a deeply satisfying new combination". Sounds promising...

As usual the packaging is good and unsurprisingly a 'fudge' colour has been used to link colour and content. This block is suitable for vegetarians, it's also alcohol free and a gluten free recipe has been used. Plus there are no artificial colours or flavours used in the production of this block. Fantastic! It was all going so well.

The Chocolate: The chocolate is from Papua New Guinea and has a 35% cocoa content. Once the pouch has been opened the first aroma is sweet fudge and not much else. The chocolate is creamy and very enjoyable until your taste buds find the fudge. Why do they bother mixing good and bad ingredients it's a real let down. The fudge is dotted about the bar in little dollops. I have no problem with the quantity, it is the quality of this fudge which lets this bar down. It is very sweet and there is an after taste which lingers for sometime and ruins the taste. 

Thorntons you've fudged this one and you'd have done better by leaving out the fudge. The chocolate is great and overall not bad for a snack but it only scrapes a score of 4/10. I purchased this bar and two others for £5.00. So, value for money, yes, flavour no. If you click on the Thorntons website they have a very pleasant 'dawn chorus' going on.

Enjoy the week ahead!


  1. I tried this recently, and while I wasn't very happy with the sticky nature of the fudge bits, I did like how the bar captured the taste of fudge from the shore in the summers (in the U.S.). Sweet, creamy, and a bit salty. Definitely not a very complex bar though. Something kids would love (and I'm a kid).

  2. Hi Victoria, Many thanks for your comments. The good thing about Thorntons is that there is something for everybody. Best wishes. Christine