Sunday, 17 July 2011

Dark Chocolate with Wild Blueberry and Raspberry

No Golden Eagles!
Holiday has started and of course the weather which has been fine for days, brilliant sunshine no less, suddenly changes to torrential rain. The rest of the week is not looking too great either. Well, I for one don't really care as you can see we are in the Highlands, to be exact, Loch Lomand and The Trossachs National Park. No Loch Ness monsters, Golden Eagles or wild men in kilts have been spotted just yet but there are still a few more days to go. Have seen a Roe deer - fortunately I spotted this first, as a large chunk of cash was put down as a prize for the first sighting. The mountain views are fantastic, all slightly tinted with a hint of grey, and roads are made for 4x4's only, so will be selling car at end of holiday. I just read that a recent visitor lost their shock absorbers in the first mile. The windy, upperty and downy roads make you think that you're in a Subaru on the final stage of a rally. Well you're not, so throttle back! Having read about the shock absorbers I will keep my speed down. I can understand why Scottish people stuck out in the wilds might complain about fuel costs as their average fuel consumption must suck! Well we're off to see some wild man toss his caber! Traditionally tossing the caber originated from when logs were used to get across chasms. That might come in useful when I'm walking the hills later today.

Antioxi Choc Berry Boost! - Having just walked nearly 10 miles (it feels like 50!) today I feel that I should eat the whole of this bar as apparently it provides a healthy boost for both body and mind. This bar has been made from ACTICOA, a chocolate created to preserve more of the natural antioxidant flavanols that cocoa beans normally lose when they're made into chocolate. Antioxidants neutralise free radicals in the body. According to Thorntons just two scrumptious squares a day will help you feel great. They also go on to say that, "we recommend that you maintain a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle."

Give yourself a cocoa boost!
The Chocolate: The dark chocolate has a 63% cocoa content and there is certainly a delicious fruity berry aroma coming from the cocoa. The raspberries must be part of the natural flavourings as I can't see them anywhere on the list of ingredients. There are plenty of soft squishy blueblerries within the bar but they don't really add very much to the overall flavour. Mellow blueberries provide added texture but not a lot else in my opinion.

Chocolate dark, fruity and for once not sweet. Well, everybody has given this the thumbs up so, 6/10 is not a bad score. I purchased this bar and two others for £5.00. To buy online by click here.

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