Saturday, 9 July 2011

Milk Chocolate with Banana

Well it's all been happening this week. The world has finally gone bonkers....well to be exact the News of the World has gone bonkers allegedly hacking into anything electrical that might give them an advantage over the competition. The UK's favourite red top has folded, no pun intended, gone from the news stands for ever. Should I rush out and buy the last edition? I imagine a new paper will rise, like the Phoenix from the ashes in a few days or so and we'll all be reading News of the Universe. My grand parents were avid readers of the paper and I can remember as a youngster spending many hours and hours trawling through all those outrageous headlines trying to understand who had run off with who and more importantly why.

Not only have the news papers gone banana's but it also seems that Thorntons has possibly lost the plot bringing out a milk chocolate block with banana.

Thorntons Go Bananas
This bar has some great credentials using both Fairtrade and Organic certified products. The dried organic and Fairtrade bananas originate from Ecuador providing and to quote, "a fruity flavour which perfectly complements the hint of spice in the organic milk chocolate." It's also good to know that Thorntons are investing in the farming communities.

The Chocolate: A 37% milk chocolate which melts quickly releasing sweet chocolate and hints of banana, for my liking it is a little too sickly. Each chunk contains a good amount of banana which gives the chocolate a rather strange chewy mouth feel. The chocolate itself does have some caramel coming through but the spice is masked by the amount of sugar used.

Overall not a bad try and a score of 5/10 is probably generous but Thorntons have tried to be a bit creative with this one.  The organic and Fairtrade credentials have my vote and that's probably the only reason I would buy it again. I purchased 3 bars for £5.00 which is good value for money in these harsh times. To buy online click here.

If you like banana in your chocolate read about Perky Nana, from New Zealand, by Chocolate Reviews.

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