Sunday, 6 May 2012

EL BLANCO - Willie's Cacao

Special Bank Holiday offer!  Yes, I know I'm spoiling you with a review of El Blanco, Willies latest 50g chocolate bar combined with a blueberry muffin recipe that incorporates said chocolate.

Going off on a slight tangent I visited the Olympic Park a couple of days ago to catch up with my fellow GameMakers who are helping in more ways than you can imagine.  I'm hopefully going to be speeding down the ORN/PRN in a new BMW! Fingers crossed I pass my test in a few weeks time.  Having seen the size of the Olympic Park I'm now wondering if they've actually made it big enough!  Yikes, Stratford is going to be one busy place in a few weeks. Anyway back to chocolate.....

EL BLANCO - Venezuelan 00 - White Chocolate - Single Square
I was surprised to find a white chocolate in Willie's new collection of 'Single Squares' but apparently he decided to make El Blanco because some of his favourite desserts rely on white chocolate.  Well, this morning I've made some blueberry muffins and thrown in a few chunks of the chocolate. They've have just come out of the oven, recipe to follow in next post.  More about that in a minute....................As usual Willies packaging does not disappoint and I like the simple but effective 'gaucho' style font.  From what I've read, Willie has received some ribbing from his compatriots for introducing a white bar.  Well, as they say in the ads this is not just any white chocolate!  The first thing that strikes you about this chocoalte is its colour, almost an off white as though a piece of milk chocolate has found its way into the mix.  In comparison to other white chocolates it is not as bright.

The chocolate includes natural Venezuelan cocao butter, sugar cane from Guadeloupe and British milk. What, no Vanilla! The aroma is also striking as there are hints of tobacco in the mix which is unexpected.  The chocolate itself melts easily on the tongue, a slight grainy texture, not overly sweet with a delicious explosion of butterscotch creaminess!  There is nothing astringent about this chocolate and the fact that vanilla is not featured is good news.  Very enjoyable, 9/10!  El Blanco Squares will be in the shops soon retailing at £1.80 for a 50g bar. 

Why not take up Willie's special offer, spend over £10 on his online shop and you will receive a free bar of El Blanco. Offer ends midnight Bank Holiday Monday. Enjoy!
Blueberry and White Chocolate Muffin recipe to follow.....


  1. If I know Willie, he will have done an Excellent job on the white chocolate, as he has with the rest.
    He loves what he does, puts in a lot of hours and is very confident in his product. So am I. Wish him all the very best now and alwayd.

  2. Hi Phoenix, Thank you for leaving your comment. Well his hard work has certainly paid off. This white chocolate singles bar is like no other white chocolate I've tasted. The butterscotch was totally unexpected!