Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Great British Apple Crumble Pudding Bar

My only picture from the opening ceremony!
And the crowd go wild.....Love it or hate it the Olympics have arrived in London and they're here to stay for the next few weeks. It is only Day 2 but our transport system seems to be coping with the additional load, business is booming, if only at Westfield in Stratford and Team GB are even winning a few medals. So far I have cried on three separate occasions during the Olympics. Once in frustration as my camera decided not to work during the opening ceremony. Doh!  That was the rehersal not the final version.  Secondly, when I witnessed the awsome, wonderous and simply jaw dropping opening ceremony and thirdly when I nose dived off my orange hopper at a Gamesmaker's event on Richmond Green at the weekend.  What a difference a few days make to the mood of a nation. A week ago everybody and I generalise, was feeling down about the Olympics and now even the most hardy and dogged of commuters is looking longingly at the Olympic arena, whishing they'd coughed up a few quid to see those beach volleyball babes, as their train passes through Stratford.  Britain is collectively holding its head up high and bursting with pride!

It has been a while since I tried a piece of chocolate from Montezuma and I couldn't help noticing the 'Great British Pudding' theme for their new range of bars. Montezuma, based in West Sussex, trading since 2000, have introduced a wide range of handmade English chocolate bars, truffles and novelty items to help celebrate 2012 and all that is great about London and the UK. Inspired flavours include Spotted Dick, Summer Pudding, Treacle Tart, Lemon Meringue and Apple Crumble. Can they really be as good as they sound?

Venezuelan milk chocolate with a cocoa content of 43%.  'Apple Crumble' is produced using freeze dried apple and biscuit pieces. Unfortunately, this chocolate bar is a case of style over substance. The anticipation that I'm going to taste my mum's apple crumble is blown away immediately. The flavour of apple and biscuit is disappointing and if I'd been tasting this bar blind I'd find it hard to come up with the words 'apple crumble'. To be fair I did taste the apple but this was only after eating half a bar. I think they needed to be braver and go for a tarter apple, perhaps this product is just too hard to source but it was a let down.

Apple Crumble
The chocolate itself was tasty if slightly sweet. Marketing and presentation was excellent. At £2.49 for a 100g bar this is good value and overall 5/10. Click here to buy now!

Great concept but it didn't have me reaching for the custard!

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