Saturday, 25 August 2012

Cafe-Tasse Blanc Citron

A massive chemistry set!
Before tucking into a bar of Cafe Tasse I thought I would start with another passion of mine, Southwold.  

I can honestly say that the town and its surroundings have remained unchanged for over half a century.  The herring fleet may have gone and the high street may have seen a variety of shop fronts with retailers coming and going over the years but essentially the place has remained pretty much the same.  

Perched on the Suffolk coast just above Ipswich and below Lowestoft this picturesque seaside town has remained relatively unknown.  House prices have gone through the roof over the years as the tendrils of celebrity reach Southwold.  There have been numerous TV programmes and films set in this lovely coastal backwater including, "Upstairs, Downstairs" and "East of Ipswich" to name just two. 

The town has a a pier with arcade machines provided by Tim Hunkin,  a lighthouse, a picture palace, a Summer Theater and it also boasts its own brewery. Adnams, renowned throughout the UK, providing beer and now their own spirits produced from their distillery in their own innovative style. 

They've even begun to make their own whiskey which will be available to the general public towards the end of 2013. Distillery Tours of this totally modern facility are available for £10 per person, over 18s only, includes gin and vodka tasting at the end.

Ok, enough of beer and spirits lets talk chocolate. I actually plucked this next bar of chocolate from a shop in Southwold so, my introduction has some sought of credible link.

Blanc Citron, produced by Cafe Tasse, a Belgium chocolate maker. I have no idea where the white chocolate comes from as information is fairly limited. However, the bar is made with sugar, whole milk powder and candied lemon peel. The aroma is very lemony and a vision of a huge lemon cheesecake immediately pops into my head! The chocolate is smooth, not too sweet or cloying and the pieces of lemon peel provide an extra dimension almost making it refreshing. 

There is some aftertaste but overall this is genuinely an enjoyable bar of chocolate and I could happily munch the lot. A great improvement on the Extra Noir bar and scores a respectable 6/10. £1.49 for a 45g bar.


  1. I've been meaning to try some of the Cafe Tasse bars for a few months, but I never found the time or the right mood to go back to the shop where I saw them.

    It's great that I've seen this post - I didn't know there were 45g versions. The ones I remember seeing were wider (probably 100g) and the price was almost double.

  2. Next time when in Southwold grab a few bars for your sis...

    1. Will do! Did those chocolate bars hold up on the trip back to the States? If you need more let me know. Looking forward to setting up a chocolate outpost in the States!

  3. Hi Ana, thanks for dropping by. If you visit their website take a look at their 2012 Collection which you can download. They have some interesting products and I'll try and feature more in the future. I'm hoping they will send me some samples!