Saturday, 25 August 2012

Cafe Tasse Extra Noir 77%

Cafe-Tasse produced in Belgium and that is probably all I can tell you about this company whose website is very minimal in terms of information.  Of course, I am being slightly unfair however, their website is very one dimensional and I assume this is because they're selling directly to shops and hotels rather than the general public. 

Cafe-Tasse (French for Coffee Cup) is a well known Belgium brand, found throughout Europe but probably little known in the UK.  Renowned for its fine chocolate bars of various sizes, chocolate covered fruits, and drinking chocolate to name just a few from the companies extensive range of chocolates. 

I do like these slim bars as they're ideally made to conceal upon your person especially if you're a chocoholic like me.

Once the brown and gold wrapping has been removed a shiny hunky bar of chocolate is revealed, something akin to a Kit Kat Chunky. The chunks are fairly deep but they break off relatively easy. The cocoa aroma wafting up from this bar is not very strong considering it has a cocoa content of 77%. Biting into a chunk is fairly difficult so if you value your gnashers be warned!  Nibble with care.  Information about where they buy their cocoa is sketchy which I always find a bit frustrating.

The mouth feel is smooth but the overall feeling your left with is a chalkiness. Taste is disappointing, very short,  with just a hint of bitterness and there is absolutely no fruit.  Strangely, once you've swallowed a chunk the taste of tobacco lingers on and on as though you have just put out a cigarette!  Not exactly pleasant.  Overall a pretty disappointing piece of chocolate and I don't think I'll finish eating this little bar either. Perhaps it will work better with a fiery chili con carne later this evening. 

I paid £1.49 for a 45g bar which makes it a fairly expensive, top end, treat and scores a lowly 4/10.  Sorry, but my cup does not runneth over for this little morsel! Hopefully the Blanc Citron bar of chocolate will be better.

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