Sunday, 10 February 2013

Swiss Milk Chocolate with Almonds

Lindt - Swiss milk chocolate with Bourbon Vanilla Flavouring. Today, time is short so, this is my idea of speed dating chocolate style!

Setting the scene - Chocolate reviewer meets chocolate bar.

First impressions - Smart outer packaging with gold lettering make a good impression. A bit old school, stuffy and colours not really to my liking.  A cheeky transparent window is catching my attention though......a little tease of what's to come maybe. Wording is all in French so, some things may get lost in translation.  This is a new bar from Lindt's Passion range using nibbed almonds and bourbon flavoured vanilla from Madagascar.  In fact it is so new it isn't even featured on their website?

31% Cocoa - Swiss Milk Chocolate

Aroma - very strong vanilla with undertones of bourbon. Not always a good thing on a first date. How rude is that smelling of alcohol on a first date! The smell is very sickly sweet and a bit cloying.

Naked Chocolate - This is our first date and we're already naked.....well the chocolate is, not me. Who do you think I am!  The bar is studded with nibbed almonds and dusted with vanilla seeds. The strong bourbon aroma is now actually very appealing.  The mix of textures, rough nuts and creamy sweet chocolate is delicious and I'm already demolishing this bar.

Conclusion - After this little soiree I think we'll be going out on a second date! Overall slightly too sweet for me but undoubtedly enjoyable, 6/10.