Thursday, 31 March 2011

Venezuelan 72 - Rio Caribe Superior

Note to self. Do not take car into London again without organising a co-pilot! I was at a prestigious bank selling my own wares during the week and had my trusty satellite navigation system to help me. Help me! It went into meltdown what with the high rise buildings, losing signal and  roadworks it completely lost the plot and so did I. Fortunately, the journey back was a lot easier and calmer and sat nav stayed out of sight.

Ok, I thought we should try another chocolate bar from Willies Delectable Cacao range, Venezuelan 72, made with Rio Caribe Superior beans. Not to be confused with the limited edition, Venezuela 72 - Hacienda Las TrincherasFor those of you who are new to Willies Cacao there are two main brands 'Supreme' which is a range of pure, single bean, 100% cacao, used predominately for cooking and there are plenty of wonderful recipes to explore in his books and the 'Delectable' range for general eating with cocoa contents of between 69 and 72% depending on the bar. He also makes all his bars by hand with the aid of some ageing machinery developed in the last century.

The packaging is also another difference between the two brands. Blocks (80g) for the Delectable range and chunky (180g) barrels for the Supreme range. The simple use of colours makes this packaging dramatic without being gaudy and OTT. The blocks hold two individually wrapped bars of chocolate with the idea that you have one now and save the other for later. Yeah right, but I like the idea that you might have some self control.

The Chocolate: This particular chocolate is made using fine Trinitario cocoa beans from Rio Caribe Superior that have been carefully roasted to provide forgotten flavours and fruity notes, according to the short description. My only niggle is that I'd like to know more about the bean but that's just me. The chocolate aroma is delicious, with fruity and tobacco notes and a rich cocoa smell. 

This particular bar is a bit dull and has a few holes but it has a good snap. There is slightly grainy mouth feel, the dark chocolate quickly melts giving up liquorish and fruity tastes with a hint of smoke in the back ground. The cocoa has a long finish that leaves the palette slightly dry and chalky but this is not a problem. Interesting to taste an 82% and a 70% straight after eating this, the different flavours are amazing. Now my taste buds are in turmoil!

Overall this is a great bar of chocolate apart from the odd blemish which all adds to the fun of eating and experimenting with his chocolate.  Based purely on flavour I'm happy to give this bar 8/10. Priced at £3.05 from Waitrose. My advice. Get out there and buy some!


  1. Your blog is a paradise for me!!!!
    Hello from Spain!!!

  2. Ola from Chelmsford !! Thanks for your kind comment.
    Best wishes

  3. Jeff Whurlidge. Journalist31 March 2011 at 22:27

    Advise in this context should be spelt with a "c" as in advice. Advise is a verb.