Saturday, 1 June 2013

Bonds Milk Chocolate Honey Comb

1, 2, 3 and we're back in the room! 

Ok, we're back after an enforced period of rest on a small Mediterranean island which had large quantities of sun, sea, sand and ...........pastries. 

I should put my back out more often! Fortunately, walking, walking and more walking, often over hilly and volcanic landscapes, took care of the calorie intake. 

However, blogging suffered considerably due to very intermittent internet coverage. I did try but gave up in the end and ate chocolate gelato on a daily basis instead.

My island of choice was completely deserted, well almost, with miles and miles of beach lying undisturbed, unsullied and unfortunately for the locals devoid of Euros. Mein Gott! Even the Germans, who normally migrate to this island by the battalion were strangely absent and securing a space by the pool at 11 am was a piece of cake, even for a slightly incapacitated Brit.

Restaurant owners were very clever at identifying the various nationalities that wandered up and down the harbour, trying out their German or English in an attempt to grab your attention, hoping you might spend a few Euro. If you can guess where I've been for the past few weeks I'll send you a little chocolate prize. Just leave a comment.....

Ok, enough chat about beach holidays lets talk about chocolate......

Bonds Confectionery recently sent me a little bag of their Milk Chocolate Honeycomb to try, including information on a new consumer website that they've launched. Their research confirms that Britain is a nation of sweet lovers.

As I'm feeling particularly generous today I shared this bag of naughtiness with a few chocoholics and this is their feedback.

  • Chocolate coating was a little thin and lacking in flavour. Cocoa solids were only 25%.
  • Good size chunks
  • Honeycomb was too dense, not enough air holes
  • No gooey bits!
  • A bit too sweet and not enough caramel to be truly crunchiesque.
  • Overall not a bad piece of confectionery, 5/10.
Bonds of London is one of the oldest confectionery companies in the UK and began making handmade sweets in 1895. Many of the original recipes are still used in today's products. Bonds producers old fashioned jars and gift jars as well as traditional bags, plus the UK's leading small 39p bag range. 

Bonds Confectionery website offers over 450 sweet ranges from bagged chocolates such as the indulgent Honeycomb, Caramel Barrels and Chocolate Mix to the ever popular sweet shop range which offers traditional lines like Sherbet Lemons, Fruit Jellies and Chocolate Limes.

Definitely something for everybody!


  1. Hmmm, were you on a quiet Croatian island similar to Veli Losinj? The architecture looks very similar.

    1. Hi Frances,

      No, I am afraid that you are incorrect!!

  2. Hmmmm - they sent me some too that I have to admit I forgot about and have yet to try. Your 5/10 doesn't fill me with confidence but I shall dutifully try it and see ;-)

  3. Hi Judith, yes they were a bit of a damp squib. Look forward to your review.....