Sunday, 22 September 2013

Abergavenny's Food Festival 2013

By the time you read this Abergavenny's 15th Food Festival will probably be over and tired exhibitors will be packing up after the busiest weekend that they can remember. The small historic market town of Abergavenny used every available space to show off some truly amazing food. 

A vast array of food and drink was on show to taste and buy. It was a shoppers paradise! If you somehow became bored with all this you could join the queue for book signings, enter a master class or just enjoy a picnic in the castle grounds and watch the world go by. This was my first visit and it was without doubt a most amazing spectacle.

The Handmade Scotch Egg Company - food with personality created with passion! A truly cracking product and slightly egg-centric but ever so enthusiastic team certainly knew everything about their product. They only have 40 scotch egg recipes! 
Abergavenny's beautiful Victorian Market Hall and Brewery Yard full to the brim with exhibitors, flying vegetables and thousands and thousands of people.
Some intense Street Food in the Priory section!
Certainly not what you would see in Pizza Express!
My find of the day!
The Poffertjes Co.
..making delicious Dutch waffles served with butter,
icing sugar, chocolate and more chocolate. 

Sweet treats from Love Patisserie!
There was even room for chocolate from Sciolti Botanical Chocolates

The Arabic Food and Spice Company served up some Turkish delights!
M'Hencha from the M'Hencha Company with its mind blowing Moroccan recipe. M'Hencha is a coiled pastry cake made from almond frangipane, citrus zests and rosewater, wrapped in brick pastry and topped with pistachios.

Despite their slightly stern looks.....these girls get my award for the 'most cheerful vendors of the day'. They were still smiling five hours later when we returned to pick up some duck pate from cnwd. To be honest all the exhibitors were brilliant!

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