Saturday, 5 October 2013

Belle Epoque Handmade Chocolates

We discovered Belle Epoque at the recent Abergavenny Food Festival. They were doing a blistering trade in their honeycomb chunks and chilli discs! First thoughts, packaging is simple and does the job but overall presentation could be better.

Seven seriously lovely big chunks of milk chocolate covered honeycomb. A milk chocolate with a 39% cocoa content was used to make this rather wondrous and very delicious chocolate confection.

Chunky handmade honeycomb dipped in chocolate. Honeycomb is light, airy, gooey with a slightly chewy and crunchiesque texture. Just how I like it!

Not overly sweet and guaranteed to stick to every part of your molars. Your tongue will be wiggling for ages. I really enjoyed this and a lot of care has gone into producing the honeycomb, perhaps one of the better ones that I've experienced in a long while. 8/10.

Five dark chocolate (54% cocoa content) disks sprinkled with dried chilli flakes.

The amount of chilli flakes on each disc sets you up for possibly a mind blowing 'heat' experience when in fact it is all a little bit mellow.

The dark chocolate has a good snap and is fairly sweat but goes well with the chilli. However, both the chocolate and chilli lack a bit of bite, for my tastes. The heat does linger on but it is not overly strong. Unlikely to cause any lasting scarring! Perhaps, a little more experimentation required with different varieties of chillies will resolve this. 5/10.
Belle Epoque describe themselves as a small artisan chocolate maker creating wedding and party favours for special occasions. Happy times!

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