Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Tesco Finest - Peruvian

Tesco Finest, Peruvian, 43% milk chocolate, single origin
I spotted this bar of chocolate in my local store, Tesco Finest - Peruvian 43% Milk Chocolate, as I was doing some last minute Christmas shopping, priced at a staggering, jaw dropping £2.00. I hadn't realised how many bars of chocolate Tesco are actually providing and at some eye watering low prices. A fellow customer stood beside me staring at the huge selection and muttered the words, "I only want to buy a bar of chocolate why do they make it so difficult?!" Before I could spread some light and assistance on a subject dear to my heart her hands grabbed the nearest bar of chocolate and before you could say, "single origin' she was digging around in the frozen section for tonights dinner. 

It just goes to show how bamboozled, confused and to a certain extent misled the general public are when it comes to buying food. I count myself in that mix as well if you're wondering. Like wine, chocolate is a minefield of terms,
standards and mystical powers that companies use like conjuring tricks to exploit our lack of knowledge and understanding. 

Tesco, Single Origin, Milk Chocolate

The blurb provided extols the virtues, efforts and lengths their chocolatiers have gone to, in making this bar of chocolate for our consumption. The outer packaging is very attractive but I have no idea what the birds represent? From a distance the blue stamp is similar to a 'Taste' award and you might be mistaken for thinking this milk chocolate had won an award. The packaging has been designed so you can remove the bar to reveal more information and guidance on flavour profiles and tasting tips. 

Single Origin

The 100g bar is thin, has a reassuring 'snap' and good colour. In terms of taste this bar of chocolate has strong butterscotch and caramel flavours and is not overly sweet. Texture is smooth and milky. This is very reminiscent of Swiss chocolate (actually made in Italy) and the bar is so thin you feel that you're actually eating an Easter egg rather than a bar. Remember the term "Single Origin" does not always mean you're eating the best chocolate. I've tasted many blended chocolates that have superior quality and flavour. 

Clever marketing by Tesco, well to be precise by Parker Williams, has produced an attractive package. However, in terms of taste the chocolate is only 'ok' and certainly not to be confused with the word 'finest'. "You pays your money you takes your choice". 

Happy New Year!

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