Saturday, 25 January 2014

Valentine's Day Chocolate Ideas

Valentine's Day Biscuit Recipe
It's not often that I indulge in a little self promotion or what one might call a 'selfie'. Don't be concerned there'll be no 'Miley esque' type sleazy twerking going on!  

Some might call it bragging. But, I don't expect to be invited onto a TV talkshow anytime soon, we live in hope! So, why not use my blog to peddle my own wares. 

What is the point of a blog if you're not going to advertise and promote some of your own hard work and I have been working hard. Especially, when I've written so many words about other chocolates and chocolatiers over the past few years. A few self-centred words of self promotion or 'puking' as it's often referred to, won't be too risque.

Ok, so now I've got that of my chest let me tell you about some of the lovely Valentine's Day gift ideas that we have lined up for you this year.......

Valentine's Day, The Chocolate Truffle Company
Valentine's Day Chocolate Hamper £27.50
At The Chocolate Truffle Company we only use good quality chocolate from around the world, including Venezuela, Peru and the Dominican Republic to produce our delicious chocolate goodies. We've spent many years trying different varieties of chocolate and have found these to be the most appealing in terms of taste and texture. The Valentine's Day Chocolate Hamper is certainly for the chocoholic lover including decadent handmade truffles and solid chunky chocolate heart shapes . The hamper is only available for local delivery to CM1, CM2 and CM3 postcodes.  Visit my Facebook page for more information.

If you want to be more discerning and perhaps specific in your choice for your loved one then we have some delicious items online for you.....

Chocolate hearts, champagne truffles
Where there is love, there is chocolate...

Chocolate lollipops, Valentine's Day
Champagne truffles, The Chocolate Truffle Company
Handmade Champagne Truffles!
When ordering online why not take advantage of our special promotion code and save 10% just enter the word PERK10 as you checkout. Ta dah!

Champagne is always popular on Valentine's Day so why not visit our friends at The Real Champagne Company who provide an excellent range of artisan champagnes that you'll not find on the shelves of your local superstore. Why not try a bottle of Perron Beauvineau Cuvée Elixir Extra Dry, I highly recommend it.

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